A memorable road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas & Grand Canyon, USA

After a beautiful Photo Journey to Lake Tahoe, Arun & Shivani share this wonderful road journey from San Francisco to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. This Photo Journey shares some inspiring photographs and information about this road journey. 

Many travelers dream to plan road tours across USA. Most of the terrains in different parts of USA are very interesting & offer great views with varied landscapes. 

Especially travelers love the flexibility of driving through Grand Canyon and take breaks as per their own choice. 


magiceye said…
Nice images. Captions would have enhanced viewer's experience
Brilliant photographs Arun and thanks for sharing this inspiring Road trip with us. Wish you many more and looking forward to more inspiration from you !
Shilpi Dutta said…
Amazing pics and a lovely road trip.. Those redcranes...I thought they are dummies. And that fountain pic- What a water and light show ..loved it!!!!! Grand Canyon is on my to-go list since many years. You just brought out that urge in me! Great post!
sunaina said…
beautiful clicks.....loves the flamingoes and the black and white landscape.....
Your pictures are so bright, colourful and amazing ....

Antarik Anwesan said…
Wow! Amazing pictures.

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