Negroni Week celebrations at Zerruco, Ashoka Hotel, Delhi

Last week Negroni week was being celebrated in India and we also planned to participate. Weekend made the decision easier and we landed at Zerruco which is beautifully located inside Ashoka Hotel in Delhi. This Photo Journey shares some of the photographs from Zerruco and my experience.

As usual, I along with a friend reached Zerruco on time and it seemed like we were there to do the preparations :). But it was a good opportunity to have some good time talking to each other and know more about the space. Zerruco is located very well around a green area inside Ashoka hotel campus. I was not very sure about the location, so we hit Sagara Ratna inside Ashoka and planned to ask the folks on entry gate of Ashoka. They asked us to go towards the other gate and Zerruco is located around one of the corners. 

The Negroni week was part of a global campaign to commemorate the renowned drink invented by Count Negroni, a legendary character that has stood the test of time.

Zerucco at Chanakyapuri , New Delhi to toast Negroni by creating the classic and innovative versions of the drink. Negroni Week in India was organized by bringing together bars across the country to participate in the Negroni week. It was a week-long celebration, of one of the world’s greatest cocktail wherein bars and restaurants raise money (minimum a $ 1 for each NEGRONI sold) to a local charitable organization of their choice. 

If you ask me about Negroni taste. I didn't really like this cocktail. It was bitter and couldn't find any character which matches my taste. I had 2 drinks to give it a benefit of doubt, but I won't chose this drink for my evenings. It seems that Negroni is also served in a little sweeter version, which works for folks who don't like the main Negroni. I didn't try the other version. Campari is quite popular alcohol which used to make Negroni. 

Overall it was a lovely evening at Zerruco and we are planning to visit it again soon. 


Anonymous said…
sounds like a nice place... and your pictures are awesome, as always :)
It's interesting place. Thanks !
Maniparna said…
Wonderful pictures, as usual... :-)

I've tasted Campari..that's quite good. No idea about Negroni though.. :-D
Thanks Maniparna :)

I found Negroni a bit bitter for me..
Brendan Dabhi said…
Looks like quite the party place
Kalpana said…
Campari week? No kidding!! Missed it :(

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