The 15th Raid-de-Himalaya Afterparty [2013] - PART2 || A Photo Journey by Aniket Das

This is second part of the journey from 15th Raid-de-Himalaya by Aniket and before continuing further, we would recommend to check part-1 to proceed further with this exciting journey.

And it became impossible for it to go any forward.

 But thanks to the YOKOHAMA tyres on Bawa's Gypsy, we could tow the SX4.With everything set, we started our climb to Tanglangla.

 And VOILA! We finally made it to the top.  Next destination was Pang. I chose to switch to the Gypsy to know how it feels to be a co-driver. What a machine. It blew my mind. 


We had dinner at Pang and continued our journey upwards to Bara-lacha la Pass. We realized that we've got company when another SX4 showed up. So now we were 3!  The good part was, we reached. The sad part-we were stuck again. This time in 16000 feet.


There was no way of towing. Black Ice had played its trick and we were doomed! We whiled away our time by using some nice lighting for some memories to capture. Thats me on the left with Samrat and Parminder.

In all this fuss, we couldnt  deny our happiness for experiencing some extreme snow conditions!

With nothing else to do and no signal to call for hel, we decided it's best to switch on the heater and sleep. Bawa's oil pump too malfunctioned. We couldnt leave him alone there, so we all decided to camp together and solve the problem next morning.

And then when we woke up,

we realised what a big mess it was! Bawa managed to repair the pump though. That was a big relief.

 This mess looked beautiful. I shamelessly stared at all the fuss.

 There were a few people who were trying real hard to get out of this situation. Poor lads didnt have a snow chain.

But as you see here, we were at bliss. Enjoying the snow to the fullest,

 capturing the sunrise,

 messing with the snow,

 and posing for more photographs!

 And then they all left, leaving us to ourselves. Now it was time to worry a bit.

 But we were a bunch of happy go lucky lads with no care in the world! That's Chirag in the centre. He was driving the other SX4.

 Although painful in minus degrees, we somehow managed to put on the snow chains. Simply because, we were very hungry and HAD to get out of this place.

 After 3 hours of crawling to the peak we finally got rolling downhill.

 But we still cared to stop and play with the snow. What to do, we were all kids at heart!

 I think we stopped way to many times to do things like these. Never know when we would again be in such a similar situation!

 Slowly & steadily the snow reduced, telling us that we were descending. The eerie silence and deserted environment was nothing short of thrilling!

 Somehow everything looks so extravagant with snow-even this simple, noisy little bridge!

 Hell yeah! We conquered.

 A tiny river crossing. Aah, the small joys of life!

 Well it was! Do you really need to remind us that again & again HIMANK? God dammit enough with your anti-rallying campaign. 

 We got stuck again! This time in Rohtang Pass. But Samrat's expertise with slush put us way ahead of our competition! 

 Then we saw some snow again too but the road was cleared up.

 Now it was a smooth way out. So, with the sun setting, we too bid goodbye to the adventures & thrills that we had got in the past 24hours, knowing that we would miss every part of it.

True story folks! The above gentleman is to blame.

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