She Came… We Saw… She Conquered… || Bhavna Negi

 (Photo Courtesy - Ankit Singh)
A talented dancer, honest, and outspoken, she loves learning and growing. Fearless, quirky and clever, she is difficult to categorize. She has her own unique way of communicating with people, and that makes her popular with people from all walks of life.

She loves laughing, and is fascinated with life -- that unfolds as it is meant to. A romantic person, she believes in Fairytales and Happily Ever After. She feels blessed to have people in her life that are caring, bold, dynamic, intellectually stimulating, and yet humble, loving, peaceful individuals.

That’s Bhavna Negi for you –

(Photo Courtesy - Ankit Singh)

“I’ll be the first unknown that everyone’s going to be sick of,” she jokes. People will say, “We have no idea what her name is, but she is everywhere!” (So, aptly quoted)

(Photo Courtesy - Gaurav Bathla)

For her, each person she meets is a reflection of herself. They make her, she makes them.She adores everyone around her, and she loves to keep them happy and smiling. You’ll always find her chirpy, engaged in talks – Did I happen to mention, “She’s very talkative”.
Those who seek the friend in her find her sincere and jovial.

(Photo Courtesy - Ankit Singh)
She quotes and strongly believes, “When you do something because you felt a strong impulse stemming from deep within your heart, then there’s nothing to worry about. The only important thing is to make sure whether it really originated from the depth of your heart.” 

Follow your god..!! Let "your heart" be the God!!

On Adobe Panache –

“Whether it was the year 2012 or the year 2013, Panache, at Adobe Systems, has been an enriching experience, exciting and tiring, which I especially loved because I got to meet some amazing dancers, artists, and fabulous human beings.” I feel at peace with every dance performance.

(Photo Courtesy - Nitin Gupta)

(Photo Courtesy - Nitin Gupta)
Lack of recognition from audience bothers me. So, it’s very important to predict - what will make audience enjoy and feel the dance. The excitement from audience is the reason for the oomph factor in every performance.  I do a lot of research on songs, choreography, expressions and a lot more before I finalize on any dance performance.

A person should feel the sudden need to join you when he/she watches you dance – that’s what makes you a performance a hit.    

(Photo Courtesy - Nitin Gupta)
Panache 2012 show was very special, not because I won the 2nd position but because the audience were mind blowing. They made me feel special and kept me so alive.

Panache 2013, this year, was equally rewarding, for not only did I enjoy performing, but the audience were once again splendid.
Let’s walk you through the performance

This year Bhavna performed on a variety of songs -  Anarkali Disco Chali, Fevicol Se, and Halkat Jawani.

(Photo Courtesy - Nitin Gupta)

Dance has always been a passionate hobby for me ever since I was a kid.It was not something I decided right away. It is a part of me that shall never die.I don’t know how it started, it just started.  

(Photo Courtesy - Nitin Gupta)

Bhavna on Her Dance – A Hugely Important Message to Everyone

“It doesn’t matter what language you speak, as long as people understand it.” Bhavna mentions, “Dance is my language. I emote, audience responds.”

I have always looked up to Madhuri Dixit Nene. She's a great inspiration. I have never missed any song/performance by her.
I admire her tenacity and determination. She is a stickler for perfection.Infact, every performance by me till date, has to have at least one song of Madhuri Dixit’s

(Photo Courtesy - Gaurav Bathla)

The dramatic expressions she uses to delineate songs leave everyone speechless. For Dance is emoted through eyes. If eyes can talk, your performance shall rock.

(Photo Courtesy - Gaurav Bathla)
She has to have her dancing shoes on at all times. “It keeps me young”, says Bhavna. There’s never a hint of fatigue, and she is always full of enthusiasm. Her energy for dance is contagious.

As long as you deliver with emotions, audience will love it - for they all look for “scene effect”, which is her motto for every performance.

(Photo Courtesy - Jatin dembla)

Every Performance Has To Be Great — At Her Very Best — Revealed! 

(Photo Courtesy - Arpit Kapoor)

Her pictures tell a tale...

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