Rendezvous Force India Formula One Drivers - Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta

Sports gradually spread their wings beyond borders of a country and reach several important parts of the world to gain fame at international levels. Formula One car races are no exception to this rule.

Buddh International Circuit (BIC), best known as the venue for the annual Formula One Indian Grand Prix was inaugurated in 2011. Eventually, motor-sports lovers all over the world started looking towards a promising FormulaOne and India. 
Buddh International Circuit- Formula One Indian Grand Prix
Pic Credits - Nitin Gupta
And, I must mention, that the tracks at Buddh International Circuit (BIC) has 16 medium speed corners allowing 1 cars to lap at an average speed of 210 km/h and 3 straights which allow cars to reach up to the speed of 320 km/h, making it one of the fastest tracks in the world. The expected lap time on the track is 1 minute 27 seconds. Most notable part of the circuit is the multi-apex turn at 10-11-12 sequence. The circuit's main straight at 1060m, is among the longest in F1 and so is the pit lane at 600 metres. There are 41 pit garages on the circuit. 

Players associated with FormulaOne not only make their country name popular, but even make the team proud that they are part of, along with their individual names by their excellent and superb performance in the race they participate.

I had the fantastic opportunity to meet and interview Force India Formula One Drivers - Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta. We spoke of life, inspirations and the importance of the game". The meeting got me hooked. Read on -

"Of course, you always want more and you want to win races so that's what we're trying to do,"

Sahara Force India FormulaOne Driver - Paul Di Resta and Adrian Sutil

Adrian and Paul, you are known to the world as talented young Force India Formula One drivers. How about you both tell us, who you are as a person?

Adrian - (smiles) Who Am I? (sighs). “Everyone out there has his own picture of me. I just try to be authentic. Don’t try to be someone different. I am what I am. I have my good side and bad side. I believe I have a good heart and good person. I like to smile, and I like to have fun in life – which is probably most important to have a happy life. I can tell you more and more, but I think, everyone will find out individually how I am and hopefully more people like me, than dislike me. Hopefully, I can show that I am a good person

Paul - It’s a difficult question to answer about you. I think, you live life to how you feel the journey should go and what makes you happy and what makes you stick. And to stay dedicated to goals in life and to your beliefs, that drive you. And if you‘re a happy person, you will make people around you happy. That probably is the motto, I live my life to.

Every race driver has good and bad moments during his career. What is your best moment- The most satisfying race of your career, of course the win and lose does not matter?

Paul - I think, you have to go probably with your best result, given the hard work with the team. For me, it has to be Singapore. I posted my best Formula One finishes in the World Championship so far.

Adrian - ummm!! Yes probably!! Best results with best feelings. So, I have had good feelings, and sometime sad feelings. My best result was finishing fourth and another back at Monza, Italy in the year 2009. Adrian mentions, the team is working on, “Chase the Podium”, and feels it would be one of the next great moments

There is no other sport in the world that seeks high level fitness for any players as Formula One does. And, you travel places with different time zone. It must be a challenge with different cuisines everywhere. How do you manage to binge as well as stay fit?
Paul - I think it’s important to have a balanced healthy diet. Fortunately, we are treated well when we travel at hotels we stay. We get treated to multiple cuisines, like here in India; we have tasted Oriental, Chinese, French, and Indian etc. It’s all about adjusting to the change in time zone, eat at the right time and not to divert too much from what you’re used to back at home

Adrian - I think, you have to listen to your body and to understand what it needs. Of course, it’s a challenge with different food, but it’s always easier to know- what all you can get. Here in India, its different food altogether and it’s always nice to experience, but in a balanced form. And as I believe, “In life, if everything is balanced, you live well”.

Indeed, speed gives you thrill. But, who has been your inspiration- to take up motor-sport and be passionate about cars and race.

Adrian - Everyone has his own passion. Ours is cars. Important is to have passion in life. All with four tyres and certain amount of speed interest me and unlike race, to drive in a limit also makes me feel great and it’s a special feeling. For me the sport was inspiration enough. I did it once and it was an addiction. It drives me to do better and better every day. A good reason to wake every day. There were several drivers; I looked up to learn the sports. I have not had any idol to have a poster placed in my room.

Paul -  Its addiction!! A healthy drug in my eyes. It’s a passionate hobby for both of us, and also my job and my reputation. Success is what drives me to do lot more. For me, my father has been the inspiration to take up motor sports. He was a hobby racer. He indeed went through putting in more effort to achieve compared to how I achieved, and to where I am now.

Behind every game, there is team work. How do you manage the healthy relation and plan working as team?

Adrian -  Formula One is a team sport. Every success is a team success. Nevertheless, every driver is also striving for his own career. However, with every win it’s only the drivers that share the limelight and commotion, the team is never rewarded. The relation with team is what work for every sport. With team, you achieve more; each one pushes you to your better limits and that fetches more points to the team, eventually.

Paul - Team is a small family network, and that makes our team do what it does. We may not have endless resources or big budget unlike other teams, yet we support each other and help each one to be part of the journey together. Team together takes the negatives as well as the positives in a stride, and eventually we are efficient and healthy together, that makes us a success together.

Which driver(s) you like to face and race on the track, a healthy rivalry?

In unison, Adrian and Paul, says “They all are the same. All of them, they all are oppositions.”

Paul Di Resta and Adrian Sutil
You’ve driven different cars at various Racing Events. Which one of them is your favorite? Do you own anyone of them or, plan to?

Paul - “It’s not easy to give Formula Driver an open budget, but if you plan to give me money, I don’t mind buying the car”, quotes Paul. For me, it’s the old time classic, a two-seater California ride by Ferrari. It’s one of the ultimate classic, and one day I keep dreaming and get it.

Adrian - “Ahhh..!! Cars!! They get expensive each day, every year”, quotes Adrian. Ferrari is one of the best brands, they have pretty cars. Also, pre-war cars interests me. But that one unique choice for me, would be Atlantic, SC Type 57, by Bugati. It’s beautiful.

How excited and optimistic are you towards Force India Team, F1 and India

Adrian - It’s getting bigger, right from 2008 to where we are now. Sometime a bit better, sometimes a bit down. Last year we reached at a level that marks us in Top 10. To do the next thing is on our mind and that requires quite a lot effort, plus it’s an expensive sport. But, we can be proud of what we have achieved at the moment and over the year. We may be a small team but we are very efficient.

Paul - The journey has been growing every year. We went through difficult stages, but we have the team that is growing and expanding. New generations coming next year would be young surprises that we can take advantage of for season coming ahead. It’s the team, the family that stays together and I feel very proud of being part of it. Success will come eventually, and it’s just about dedication and workforce, that surely has been re-enforced and with the technical group stabilized, it surely promise great time ahead.

Just before you start the race, what all goes through your mind?

Adrian - Sometime you have good feeling, sometime bad feeling. I try to forget everything and focus on the race, and to what is necessary. There may be bad day that may get into you. But the car is where I feel at peace.

Paul - The feeling is being nervous and being anxious. With adrenaline pumping  just before the race.

And finally: Any message for your fan and followers?

Adrian -  I think it’s always great to have followers, especially in bad time; that’s when you need the push. I am not active on twitter, but I see how emotional fans are in India that push team and make them work. With fan supporting us, the long journey would get better and better.
Paul -  Without fan, there would be no interest of media, without media interest; there would be no hope for brand to be involved. It’s all about exposure. It’s all about getting awareness to what we do. It gives us opportunity to drive professionally and it gives the team job to entertain.

We wish them a great season ahead!

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