Wannabe like Anupam Puri, who keep prusuing different professional photographers & then make their life hell, are spoiling the real spirit of Photography

(This post is written on 27th July) Few Months back a follower called Anupam Puri started following PHOTO JOURNEY and wanted to share share his photographs on www.travellingcamera.com . As we hardly restrict anybody posting here, we asked for a set of 8-15 photographs with appropriate story around them. He couldn't send a good Photo-Essay. Considering that people can be busy in other things, it's OK. Then continuously started calling me on my cell to take him along to different shoots we do around Delhi. We didn't say no and asked him to wait for appropriate time to come and we shall inform you. 

He was continuously calling, messaging and sending links of his photographs. At times, it was irritating but still we kept ignoring him. He called various Photo Journey contributors and asked them to teach him photography. The conversations were very funny as the real spirit was always missing, but we always respected his continuous efforts to pursue people to learn more. 

Today, he posts something on our Facebook page saying that current cover pic is stolen style and the comments were very disrespectful. We removed his comments, banned him from our page. Here is one of the dialogue we initiated after this incident - https://www.facebook.com/travellingcamera/posts/10150312230994996 . After seeing this conversation, he started calling me again and threatened in very abusive language. Since morning he has been calling from unknown numbers like +401 and sending weird messages. I feel so bad about such people around me and wondering how can I get rid of such people. 

I have almost no existence in real Photography word and even this person made my life hell (for today). How big photographer would be handling such people? Anyways, such folks are not right for photography eco-system. I am not sure what made me write about all this on Photo Journey but many things hit me hard after this incident. 

Hope that none of us come across such people and life stays beautiful always :)

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