Delivery system of Lifestyle Store sucks big time || Don't consider Lifestyle for buying Furniture if you are looking for convenient & fast delivery

For last few weeks, we made various purchases from Lifestyle Store in Great India Mall, Noida. The very first delivery was good and most of the credit goes to Sales Supervisor Mr. Kailash, who helped in coordinating with delivery team to ensure timely delivery. It was a double bed of size 180*210.

After few weeks, after some research we found a good deal in Liefstyle on pocket spring mattresses of Curl-On. We placed this order on 24th July and delivery was promised at 11:30am on 27th July. On 26th of July, we got a call that delivery will be made between 1pm to 2pm. During the same call I requested to deliver it either between 11am to 12noon or on Sunday, as we already had some plans to leave home by 12:30pm. Mr Devender, who called us, assured that he will call with appropriate details. He didn't call back. 

Next day, we called at Lifestyle store again to know if delivery is happening on that day or sunday. They replied that delivery is already in the schedule and will reach us by 1:30pm. So they simply ignored the fact that we would be not at home. Anyways, we had no option but cancel the other plan.

Delivery happened and It was wrong sized mattress - 180*195. Immediately, we called to Lifestyle customer care and there was a rude reply from other side 'You must have ordered this size only.' . I got really angry at that point of time and without saying any word, I gave my phone to a friend to talk. Then we shared all the details about bed order & size. Mentioned that mattress bill has size mentioned as 180*210 and same is size of bed which is bought from Lifestyle store only. Unfortunately, phone number of Mr. Kailash (Sale person) was not working that time and worse experience started now onwards

We had to make at least 20 calls on 27th July to get a reasonable response from Lifestyle. At 5:30pm, Jyoti confirmed that right sized mattress will be delivered on Sunday at 1pm. On Sunday evening we had to leave for Himachal and we would be out for 3 weeks. This was our main worry and bad responses were increasing our stress. I am writing this at 11:45am on Sunday and hope that delivery happens on time with right product. 

But going forward, I may go with unorganized store. We go to these stores for better services by paying more for products which are available at lesser costs in unorganized stores, with no difference in product and after sales service, which is usually provided by product-company.

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