Pure PHOTO JOURNEY from my recent Road Trip to Shimla & Kinnaur regions of Himachal Pradesh during my 5 year Sabbatical | Thanks for Adobe, Aneesh & KTM


Anonymous said…
Speechless .. just so exclusive .. nice job !
Whoa ! An Amazing set of photographs ! I love the way you use light and depth of field. Did not like the big watermarks though
Susheel said…
These pics are really amazing and your journey would be a memorable one. Thanks for these beatiful pics.
Thanks All !

Puru - I will try to avoid watermarking which spoils the spirit of a photograph. I had pretty bad experiences in past, so probably I overdo it sometimes.

Bhavna Negi said…
I haven't been to Shimla or any hill station at Himachal Pradesh, but your pictures have made me feel as if I was part of this road trip.
I love these pictures..
Splendid shots and breathtaking..!!
Each one is a Stunner..!!
Kudos.. KeepClicking
Thanks Bhavna !

Do plan for this region and I am sure that you will love it... Keep me informed, whenever you plan !

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