When modern American Legend, Harley Davidson met timeless Beauties from around the world - By Sumit Sond

A day when modern American Legend, Harley Davidson met timeless beauties from around the world...

Saturday 10th jan, 2012 hanging out with friends around midnight, you get a phone call.. & BAMM.. a few hours later, you wake up to the roar of an American Legend (Harley Davidson) just outside your place....But 2day was a ride like no other, it was a day when HD met timless beauties from all over the world.

Austin's, Pontiac, Ford Mustang,Triumph (spitfire) to name  a few. It was a vintage ride of its own kind, the kind after which an automobile enthusiast & a photographer could'nt have asked for more.

From Raisina Hill to Gurgaon, enroute Nehru Park,  offered some interesting frames to the lens. It wont be an exaggeration if said that it was a little more than just the ride of legends..all of us celebrated the day, but what celebration was it ? & most of us would say celebrating the liknes. Besides machines & metal which kids would'nt understand. All they cared about was ' Dad can i sit in that car or that 1 or all of them' .Even the ladies couldn't stop themselves from posing around. All in all a ride like no other, a day whn I came face to face with my dream ( FORD MUSTANG ) & a couple of images to show & tell, Yes i was there & i have that ride with me for the rest of my life.


Ajeeth boaz said…
Cool pics, must ve been a lovely moment to see the beasts live.
Vishal Rathod said…
Lovely Vintage cars . lovely pictures Sumit .
Unknown said…
absolutely marvelous!!
Unknown said…
Absolutely Marvelous!!
Bhavna Negi said…
Vintage cars - Wow!! :)

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