The Team of Photography Exhibition 'FAITHfully Yours?' which happened in Delhi from 8th March to 17th March 2013


Augustus recently returned from Boston, USA after completing honours in Advertising and Fashion photography from  the New England School Of Photography. He has photographed for various designers in USA including covering Miss Colombia 2012 ,New England and has recently done photography for the Art Alive Gallery .

God’s most beautiful creation is us mortals. From the time since we have existed we have worn some form of clothes. Fashion is the trend of clothing we wear to look better than our original selves. So we enhance our own beauty. Augustus’s approach to this project is how he make Gods most beautiful creation  and the beauty that they show in their natural form  amplified by fashion. Each of us mortals have faith in the creator that they will remain beautiful forever. This reason we have our faith as much in designers and the makeup artists as well to help us. Might it be jewellery, bikinis, or dresses .At times some people can become arrogant  because  of vanity.


A.Shivani Punia.
A.Design. Tried and tested Schools, NIFT (Delhi) and F.I.T (New York)
Q.Occupation/Life Path?
Q.What does she love about Photography/her Mantra?
A.To Capture Moments from Time. To feel Stillness of Motion. To see a Different Perspectives.To Emote with an Image.
 Her Pictures have been Published in Magazines i.e. Child, Atelier Diva, Travel Secrets and Asian Spa 
She is also doing Product Photography for the Online Retail Sector  
Q.What she loves in General?
A. Creativity, The Arts, Family and Friends, Good Food and Laughter.
Q.What she hates ?
A. Writing this Bio, Obnoxious People who push ahead in lines.

A Software Engineer by profession and a photographer by interest, VJ hails from the Himalayan State of India - Himachal Pradesh - and has been brought up amidst imposing natural beauty of the mountains. A desire to capture this beauty led to an interest in photography. VJ is a self-taught Photographer who believes in continuous learning through practice & experiences. 

 He is also an Imaging expert and an Adobe Certified Expert in 'Adobe Photoshop Lightroom'. He has been actively working with different organizations in India to establish efficient Imaging solutions and conducting workshops on Lightroom, HDRs, Colour Management and Black & White processing


Ambika Sethi is a Delhi based visual artist working with photography as her primary medium of expression. She pursued her undergraduate degree in visual art from College of Art, New Delhi and subsequently did a Masters in Fine art from Nottingham, UK

Her interest lies in photographing things in great detail and exploring them through different angles and presenting to the viewer. Photography for her is a way  of experiencing and expressing emotions. Here, she tries to draw meaning of faith through  an array of objects - inanimate or otherwise; in almost like a visual explosion, each containing a tale of faith of their own.


Faith is not confined to any religion. It could be anywhere within you or just outside of you but it never leaves you. Faith is your belief, confidence, attitude, hard work or exactly the opposite.

A hungry man finds his faith in food, a batsman in scoring runs or a terrorist in spreading violence. As a photographer,  Raajan has faith in his pictures and has tried to capture as many forms as possible in the provided space.


Shilpi Choudhuri is a portrait and travel photographer residing in Gurgaon, India. She graduated in 2002 from IIM Bangalore  and spent 7 years in the corporate world, in IT industry . She took sabbatical in 2009 to spend more time with the 3 boys in her life (her father , husband and now 5 year old son).

As a natural creative, she has always enjoyed taking pictures and has grown up watching her father and brother disappear for hours in the dark room to develop prints at home. It was the break from corporate world which made her see photography in a different light and her love for photography as a form of expression became her ultimate path and career in 2012.


A passionate photographer, as well as a Marketing Professional, Rajesh Ramakrishnan's work has been featured in several publications in India and outside. Rajesh has also conceptualized and shot 3 calendars with prominent celebrities. The calendars for 2010 [A to Z of Emotions], 2011 [Bring out the Child in you] and 2013 [Sun Signs] were sold to raise money for NGOs. Rajesh combines his passion for photography with a love for travel and likes capturing the nuances of life on the streets in different cities. Rajesh is currently working on evolving his photography into an art form.


RAVI DHINGRA - Curator of the Show

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