One Day Photo Tour to Delhi by Vineeta Yashasvi || Vineeta's first Photo Journey

Few days ago, I got chance to spend one day in Delhi. After completing my work in Chadni Chauk, I had half day so I decided to go to Humayun Fort or Purana Qila for some architectural photography.  Purana Quila also known as Pandavon Ka Kila as Indraprastha  was the capital of the Pandavas in the time of Mahabharta.  

Purana Quila is unevenly rectangle. It was surrounded by wide moat, connected to river Yamuna.  It has three main gate – Humayun Darwaza, Talaqi Darawaza and Bara Darwaza.

All gates are double storied and made by red stone. Qal'a-I-Kunha Masjid and Sher Mandal are two more very important buildings in this Qila.  Sher Mandal is again a double storied octagonal building. Humayun used this building as his library and he died in the steps of this building. 

Qal'a-I-Kunha built by Sher Shah Suri in 1541. Prayer hall of this Masjid measures 51.20m by 14.90 m. and it has five doorways which are horsehoe shaped arches.


wow very amazing real clicked picture you shared here.. thanks a lot

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