How to add TABs in your Blog to consolidate all posts corresponding to one TAG ?

Tabs are very popular on websites and main idea is to have relevant information under segregated sections. It's more about keeping similar information under one section. So if we take example of PHOTO JOURNEY blog, we mainly blog about TRAVEL, DELHI, HIMACHAL, THEATRE and other forms of subject which can be better expressed through photographs. Now everyone of us Tag each post on our blogs, but with time number of tags increase and we may want to have quick access to some core areas. On PHOTO JOURNEY, you see some links just below header, which are called as TABs. Each of these TABs correspond to a particular TAG/Label. Just click  on any of above TABs and you will be make out the logic from URL you see...

Let's start the process of adding TABs to your blogspot.

1. Go to your BLOG Panel and enter in to Layout section as shown in image below.

2. Click on 'Add a Gadget' while you are seeing Layout elements of your blog.

3. On clicking 'Add a Gadget', we shall be seeing following window with various Gadget options. Here we need to locate 'Link List' Gadget and click on Plus sign on right side. Please highlighted area in image below.

4. It will offer some controls to setup your TAB bar. So something like this will be shown to you-

5. Now start entering relevant details -

Title is something which will not be visible on your blog, but it is advisable to name it logically. Apart this directly jump to URL field and add a URL which corresponds to a TAG. E.g. - I have a tag 'Events' and want to put Events as a TAB. Now I will click on Event Tag and copy the URL, which is This URL will be entered into the field shown below. Add a name to it.


Now for adding more TABs, keep clicking Add link and you can have as many as TABs you want. Just check out how this dialog looks for PHOTO JOURNEY -

So above you see multiple TABs  and sequence of these TABs can be changed by using arrows in front of 'Delete' link for each of them. Now if I have to add another TAB, just add URL and Name and press 'Add Link'

Please try yourself on your Blog and feel free to comment back with specific queries you have.

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