The Picturesque Village of Lochinver

During my 5-day long trip to Scottish Highlands, our tour bus made a quick stop at the quaint little village called Lochinver for lunch. The village is located in the Assynt district of the Sottish Highlands and comprises of a handful of houses, a couple of restaurants, a few shops, a church and a cemetary. 
The village is located at the point where the river Inver flows into the sea Loch Inver. The result is a quiet, scenic panorama where running into a human being is a rare occurrence.

Here's the board of the Caberfeidh Restaurant (pronounced "Caber-fay") and here's the link to its official website. Check it out if you wish: We only had 25 minutes and I was craving for Fish 'n chips. However, the village was too pretty and a part of me also wanted to explore. At the end, the part that wanted to explore won and I decided to take a walk.
This picture was clicked from the riverside cafe of The Caberfeidh Restaurant. Across the river Inver is the cemetary and the church. I decided to walk down to that side. That involved crossing a stone bridge over the river.

That bridge in the distance was the one that I was supposed to cross. I didn't have much time in hand and things appear closer than they actually are. So I decided to start walking immediately.  
This is the bridge up close. The term "village" in the UK does not necessarily mean lack of development, infrastructure problems, or poverty. It means peace and quiet and a life away from the hustle-bustle of the cities. However, facilities are all available.  

On the left bank of the river is the Caberfeidh restaurant and on the right bank is the cemetary. This picture was clicked from the top of the bridge.

And this is the other direction, away from the Loch. A tiny bridge lies across the river in a distance.

Once I crossed the bridge, I came across this three-cross. One road lead up into the village and the other down to the cemetary. I only had limited time so I decided to stick to the road that lead to the cemetary.

And this was that road.

Soon I reached the cemetary and clicked a quick picture. I would have liked to go inside and look at the gravestones. But the gates were locked.
This is the Caberfeidh restaurant as seen from across the river. It was now time to head back and quickly too. So without any further delay, I started the walk back.
And this is the restaurant up front. oooh! I could have done with some food. But never mind! The walk was well worth it.  

Some pretty flowers to end the post with. At times I find myself wishing I could spend my life at a place like this - living in peace.

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