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Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Shimla Night View : Front view of Shimla Town Hall in low light... This has been captured from Mall Road...
Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. In 1864, Shimla was declared the summer capital of the British Raj in India. A popular tourist destination, Shimla is often referred to as the "Queen of Hills" (a term coined by the British).

Shimla - A Walk Down the Memory Lane: Shimla makes me nostalgic. I did my engineering from Shimla and those were some of the most exciting days of my life. Night outs with friends, late night booze parties, we did all and then grew out of it. Now when I am working and have been in Delhi for more than five years, I still return to Shimla at the smallest excuse and Shimla never ceases to disappoint me: Posted by Ripple (VJ) on PHOTO JOURNEY @ : ripple, Vijay Kumar Sharma, ripple4photography, Frozen Moments, photographs, Photography, ripple (VJ), VJ, Ripple (VJ) Photography, Capture Present for Future, Freeze Present for Future, ripple (VJ) Photographs , VJ Photographs, Ripple (VJ) Photography :
Located in the north-west Himalayas at an altitude of 2,128 metres (6,982 ft), the city of Shimla, draped in forests of pine, rhododendron, and oak, experiences pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters. The city is famous for its buildings styled in tudorbethan and neo-gothic architecture dating from the colonial era. Shimla is connected to the city of Kalka by one of the longest narrow gauge railway routes still operating in India, the Kalka-Shimla Railway. Shimla is approximately 115 km (71.4 miles) from Chandigarh, the nearest major city, and 365 km (226.8 miles) from New Delhi, the national capital. The city is named after the goddess Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Kali.


Kullu, once known as Kulanthpitha - "the end of the habitable world", is the capital town of the Kullu District, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu Valley about ten kilometres north of the airport at Bhuntar.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Recently I visited Bijli Mahadev, which is a small trek from Kullu. Since there is a road now, so we had to trek 3 km only. Its really an amazing place to visit and this was the best place I visited during my recent Kullu-Manali trip of four days. I visited many places like Rohtang, Solang, Vishishth, Naggar, Kullu, Manali, Manimahesh etc, but the best part was trekking experience to Bijli Mahadev...  Bijli Mahadev is one of the sacred temples of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at an altitude of about 2,438 m in the Kullu Valley. Bijli Mahadev is one of the excellent temples in India. Located 10 km from Kullu across the Beas river, it can be approached by a difficult but rewarding trek of 3 km.: Posted by Ripple (VJ) : ripple, Vijay Kumar Sharma, ripple4photography, Frozen Moments, photographs, Photography, ripple (VJ), VJ, Ripple (VJ) Photography, Capture Present for Future, Freeze Present for Future, ripple (VJ) Photographs , VJ Photographs, Ripple (VJ) Photography :

Manali (alt. 1,950 m or 6,398 ft), in the Beas River valley, is an important hill station in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India, near the northern end of the Kullu Valley. The small town was the beginning of an ancient trade route to Ladakh and, from there, over the Karakoram Pass on to Yarkand and Khotan in the Tarim Basin.

Manali and the surrounding area is of great significance to Indian culture and heritage as it is said to be the home of the Saptarshi, or Seven Sages

Solang valley is in Himachal Pradesh, India and is known for its summer and winter sports. The sports most commonly offered are parachuting, paragliding, skating and zorbing. Giant slopes of lawn comprise Solang Valley and provide it its reputation as a popular ski resort. A few ski agencies offering courses and equipment reside here and operate only during winters.Snow melts during the summer months and skiing is then replaced by zorbing (a giant ball with room for 2 people which is rolled down a 200 meter hill), paragliding, parachuting and horse riding. 13 kms. is a splendid valley between Solang village and Beas Kund. Solang valley offers the view of glaciers and snow capped mountains and peaks. It has fine ski slopes. The Mountaineering Institute has installed a ski lift for training purpose. Located here is a hut and guest house of the Mountaineering and Allied sports Institute, Manali. Now a few hotels have also come up. The winter skiing festival is organised here. Training in skiing is imparted at this place. Posted by Ripple (VJ) : ripple, Vijay Kumar Sharma, ripple4photography, Frozen Moments, photographs, Photography, ripple (VJ), VJ, Ripple (VJ) Photography, Capture Present for Future, Freeze Present for Future, ripple (VJ) Photographs , VJ Photographs, Ripple (VJ) Photography :

Dharamsala is a city in the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley and is surrounded by dense coniferous forest consisting mainly of stately Deodars. The town is divided into three parts—Upper Dharamsala called McLeod Ganj, the middle Kotwali Bazar and the lower Kaccheri area.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : The Gothic stone building of the Church was constructed in 1852. The site also has a memorial of the British Viceroy Lord Elgin, and an old graveyard. The church building is also noted for its Belgian stained-glass windows donated by Lady Elgin.: Mcleoganj, Mcloedgaj, Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh, Saint John Chruch, India, British times, ripple, Vijay Kumar Sharma, ripple4photography, Frozen Moments, photographs, Photography, ripple (VJ), VJ, Ripple (VJ) Photography, Capture Present for Future, Freeze Present for Future, ripple (VJ) Photographs , VJ Photographs, Ripple (VJ) Photography : Entry to St. John's Church @ Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh.
The town of McLeod Ganj in Upper Dharamshala is known worldwide for the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama that take place here every year. It is also his residence. Dharamsala houses the headquarters of the Tibetan Government in exile about two kilometres below the town of MCLeod Ganj, led by the Prime Minister, Samdhong Rinpoche. McLeodGanj is also referred to as 'Upper Dharamshala'.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : My Homoetown : Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh : Early Morning view from Town-bharadi @ Hamirpur
Dharamsala is the closest one can get to Tibet while still in India. This quaint hill station is home to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the spiritual and political head of the Tibetan Buddhists. Once a British hill station, Dharamsala received an influx of Tibetan refugees after the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959. Today, Dharamsala is a popular destination for Indian and foreign tourists, particularly those seeking spiritual salvation.


Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Established in 1854 by the British Empire in India as a summer retreat for its troops and bureaucrats, the town was named after Lord Dalhousie who was the British viceroy in India at that time.

Manimahesh kailash, manimahesh, kailash, Dalhousie, Pir Panjal, Pandhi, Sach Pass, himalayas,  Himachal Pradesh,Pir Panjal Range runs from South East to North West, running across the states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. The peaks are covered in snow throughout the year and the range boasts of some high altitude passes including Rohtang La and Sach passes.,Pir Panjal range and the adjoining valley, Pangi, can be viewed from the mall road of Dalhousie. The Snow covered peaks along side the Ranjeet Singh Dam catchment area present a spectacular view. It seems surreal. The range seems so near, it is very hard to believe that it is about 174 kms away.

 It is built on and around five hills. Located on the western edge of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas, it is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of snow-capped peaks. Dalhousie is situated between 6,000 and 9,000 feet above sea level. The best time to visit is in the summer, and the peak tourist season is from May to September. Scottish and Victorian architecture is prevalent in the bungalows and churches in the town.

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh,  Snow,When I headed out for Dalhousie, I had no idea that a surprise awaited me. SNOW. My first ever!! Here are some pics.Freshly fallen Snow with Tyre Tracks. It was Slippery. I had to be very careful. My guide duly warned me of the dangers.Bright-Colors Look Incredible against the black and white back ground. No wonder the Bollywood Actresses prefer do away with woollens when shooting in freezing cold. A huge pile of snow. Unlike the first picture, this was far more compacted and lookeda little muddy.It took a lot of courage to maintain a straight face in the chill.Couldn't take it any more and put the jacket back on. Wasn't done with the snow though and got some more pics clicked. Many of them didn't turn out to be good. But thankfully a handful came out alright.My guide told me that this was actually what is called a Nalla locally. It is so different from the Nallas in Delhi.Children playing around.

Dalhousie is a gateway to the ancient Chamba Hill State, now Chamba District of the state of Himachal Pradesh of India. This hill region is a repository of ancient Hindu culture, art, temples, and handicrafts preserved under the longest-running single dynasty since the mid-6th century. Chamba is the hub of this culture. Bharmour, the ancient capital of this kingdom, is home to the Gaddi and Gujjar tribes and has 84 ancient temples dating from the 7th–10th century AD.

When you get your first glimpse of Khajjiar, it is a shock to senses. One does not expect to come across a huge expanse of green grassland right in the middle of steep hills and mountains. Once you get over the shock, it is a pleasant sight. The lush green grassland surrounded by petite cottages and magnificient deodars is very soothing to the eyes. Almost like a painting.khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh, Hills, himalayas, Lakes, Water, Horses

Tea Capital of North India : Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Palampur, at a height of 1219 mts., is a main spot in the beautiful valley surrounded by tea gardens and pine trees. The place enjoys a healthy climate. Palampur can be visited anytime of the year, except perhaps the extreme winter months December and January.. Summers (April to June) offer pleasant warm climate with temperature ranging from 15°C to 29°C. Winters during November to February are very cold. Minimum temperature can reach down to -4°C. Snowfalls are very common during the winters. Monsoons offer less rainfall.

Behind the town stands high ranges of Dhauladhar mountains (white hill of snow), whose tops remain covered for most part of the year. This place is being developed as large tourist centre. An Agricultural University is already functioning near by one Ayurvedic hospital is situated, also one Ayurvedic medical college is there in Paprola is about 10 km away from here some tea factories are also in operation Kangra valley is also known as tea capital of India this tea was quite famous among Britishers.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Palampur, Himachal PradeshView of a Tea Garden in Palampur
There are also some pleasant walks around the town. A short walk from here takes one to the Neugal park here you take some hot sips of coffee with the awesome cold winds and have a pleasant view nearby, few kilometres ahead is Bundla chasm...

Several trek routes lead out of Palampur, particularly over the Dhauladhar Mountains towards the town of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. Some important treks are over the Sanghar pass to Bharmaur via Holi, the forest trek from Mcleodganj to Treund and from Baijnath over the Jalsu pass to Bharmaur. A four-day trek will lead the traveler to Holi, via Waru La. Twenty-eight kilometers from Palampur is Billing, near Bir, an important centre for the adventure sport of paragliding. Paraglider pilots often land near Palampur after cross-country flights starting from Billing. Palampur also has numerous Buddhist monuments and is famous for its Tibetan handicrafts.


Kasauli has many outdoor trails where one can experience the natural serenity. Some of the better round-trip ones are located off Upper Mall Road and originate near BSNL quarters located within the Indian Army Premesis. One such trail leads to Hanuman point. There's other trails on the Lower Mall that will take you towards Gharkhal. The trails are safe and easy. The main trail to Monkey Point leads through Air Force Guard Station at the end of Lower Mall and one is required to register here first. The entry closes at 5:00pm

Kasauli is a small cantonment town in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. The cantonment was established in 1842 by the British colonial rulers as a hill station. Located 75 km from Shimla, 63 km from Chandigarh and 48 km from Panchkula, it still retains the old world charms. Its a nice hill station which is less commercialized as compared to other tourist places in Himachal like Shimla or Manali. : Posted by Ripple (VJ) : ripple, Vijay Kumar Sharma, ripple4photography, Frozen Moments, photographs, Photography, ripple (VJ), VJ, Ripple (VJ) Photography, Capture Present for Future, Freeze Present for Future, ripple (VJ) Photographs , VJ Photographs, Ripple (VJ) Photography : Clouds keep on moving @ Kasauli.The most happening place in Kasauli is the junction of Upper and Lower Malls both of which are markets with shops selling daily commodities and souvenirs for tourists. The Lower Mall boasts local restaurants selling local fast food.

Lahaul and Spiti:

It consists of the two formerly separate districts of Lahaul and Spiti.

Kunzum la or the Kunzum Pass (altitude 4,551 m; 14,931 ft) is the entrance pass to the Spiti Valley from Lahaul. It is 21km from Chandra Tal. This district is connected to Manali through the Rohtang Pass.

Night view of the hills in front of Trilokinath Temple, Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
The two valleys are quite different in character. Spiti is more barren and difficult to cross, with an average elevation of the valley floor of 4,270 m (14,009 ft). It is enclosed between lofty ranges, with the Spiti river rushing out of a gorge in the southeast to meet the Sutlej River. It is a typical mountain desert area with an average annual rainfall of only 17 cm (6.7 inches).


Baijnath is famous for its 13th century temple dedicated to Siva as Vaidyanath, ‘the Lord of physicians’. The town lies on Pathankot-Chakki-Manali highway (National Highway No. 20) almost midway between Kangra and Mandi. The present name Baijnath became popular after the name of the temple. The town is located on the left bank of the river Binwa, a corrupt form of ancient Binduka, a tributary of river Beas.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Historical Shiva Temple @ Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh


Kinnaur surrounded by the Tibet to the east, in the northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh, about 235 km from Shimla is a tremendously beautiful district having the three high mountains ranges i.e. Zanskar, Greater Himalayas and Dhauladhar, enclosing valleys of Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa and their tributaries. All the valleys are strikingly beautiful. The slopes are covered with thick wood, orchards, fields and picturesque hamlets. The much religious Shivlinga lies at the peak of Kinner Kailash mountain.

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Road from Manali to Keylong,Udaypur,Trilokinath in Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh : Manali to Marhi to Rohtang to Gramphu to Sissu to Tandi to Keylong to Udaypur to Trilokinath: ripple, Vijay Kumar Sharma, ripple4photography, Frozen Moments, photographs, Photography, ripple (VJ), VJ, Ripple (VJ) Photography, Capture Present for Future, Freeze Present for Future, ripple (VJ) Photographs , VJ Photographs, Ripple (VJ) Photography : Again this is a road where you see water flowing downwards due to melting snow on hills...


Chamba is an ancient town in the Chamba district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Chamba town is situated on the banks of the Ravi River at its confluence with the Sal River; the Ravi river is a major tributary of the Trans-Himalayan Indus River. The hub of all activity in Chamba town is the Chaugan, a fine grassy sward, about 800 metres (2,600 ft) long and 80 metres (260 ft) wide. Every year, a fair known as the Minjar fair is held here, in the month of August. The town has a large number of monuments (temples, palaces etc) of various vintage.

The town of Chamba is located at a distance of 56 kms from Dalhousie. Unlike Dalhousie, Chamba is located in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains and lies on the banks of the river Ravi. The town is also famous for the fact that a part of the Bollywood movie, Taal, was shot here. The market area in the town is not well-maintained and desparately cries out for a cleaning up. The colorful sloping roofs contrast well with the brown of the mountains and the deep blues of the sky. There is a vast green area right in front of the town. This is the garden that features in most of the Himachal pradesh Tourism Pictures of Chamba. When I visited Chamba, the green area was not open for public. Work was in progress for installing light posts and what looked like the entire population of the town was simply standing there and watching the labourers at work. These are the simple pleasures that you lose out on while living a super fast city life.All around the green area, there is a paved path. The place is ideal for an evening walk. I had Golgappas there. Not good as the ones we get in Delhi.These were the lights that were being installed in the green area. There were a few benches there leading me to believe that the garden does open up for the public some time. The Entrance. Among other attractions of Chamba is this Raja Bhuri Singh Museum which show cases several paintings, sculptures and weapons. The museum was established in 1908.Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, himalayas, Taal, Valley, Town, Museum,  Raja Bhuri Singh


Hamirpur has recently emerged as an educational hub of Himachal Pradesh. Following is the list of leading educational institutions.Now a days Hamirpur is the second educated region in India, male literacy is 83%, and female literacy is 79%.

Posted Vibha Malhotra :  Baba Balak Nath, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh : Panoramic view of the Govind Sagar
courtsey: wikipedia

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