Travel Inspirations : Roonie & Barty vlog about Himalayan Expeditions - They are doing what you always dream & keep dreaming

Last weekend, I came across this very interesting vlog - "Roonie & Barty" and completely hooked to it. There is so much inspiring about this vlog that I felt like starting a new series on our blog - "Travel Inspirations", wherein we will bring you some of the most inspiring travel content of various kinds. It's essential for us to share worthwhile stuff with our audience and followers. And we will try to ensure that we don't break trust and will try to bring some of the greatest stuff in this series. 

Let me make a confession that I am less of a consumer and more of a content creator. Which means, most of my time goes into creating things and very less time on checking other content. I know, it's little weird and this comes on my way of learning new stuff but that's how I am. I hardly watch TV, read blogs or read books. btw, Roonie doesn't enjoy reading books as well :), but he is master at what he does - Filmmaking. But after many years, I am hooked to something and spending lot of time on this vlog. Very genuine stuff as well as inspiring & informational. 

I landed on their vlog on Youtube through their latest vlog about "The Twin Towers of Raila, the Meadows of Shangarh & a Secret Waterfall | Sainj Valley" . I have been to Sainj but the way Roonie & Barty compiled the video is so engaging, informative as well as inspiring. My first thought was that video is such an engaging medium and why in 2020 I am still stuck with this written blog :). But the reality is that I don't have those skills and it's very clear from videos on the vlog that lot of effort & time goes in post-production as well. Should I say, I was jealous of their vlog? Yes, I should admit that :). Anyways, the video below is the first video I saw on this vlog and immediately subscribed to the channel on youtube. 


After checking out Sainj vlog, I landed the series on the vlog called 'Soul Trails' which made me spend lot of nights on this vlog. Soul Trail is very special overlanding trip to Leh from Manali which is rich of experiences. You will find more in videos about the meaning of 'overlanding'. Roonie and his friends took 10 days to reach Leh and camped at various places on the way. This series takes you to some mind-blowing places, experiences and I loved the bonding between this group. Anyways, I am not planning to share a lot and would rather let you watch the series. If you ask me, which first video you should watch on the vlog, my answer would be the following. And I am sure that you would watch the whole series of Soul Trails after that. You can come back to the blog later and leave a comment to thank me :). 


Zanskar Series : This is my another favourite on the Roonie & Barty vlog channel. And I can guarantee that many times you will feel like going there, although you will realise that amount of planning goes behind these trips is insane. In Zanskar valley, Roonie & Barty went to various places like Rangdum, Padum, Phugtal Gompa, Karsha Gompa, Zangla Palace, some hidden gems, special ceremonies & so on. So go watch the series and get inspiration for your future trips.  


When I was watching these videos on the vlog, I realised that Roonie and Barty are doing something which lot of us want to do but we keep thinking. Being a Himachali, I felt like moving back to Himachal many times but couldn't do it so far and not even sure would that happen in near future or not. The little I knew abut Roonie is inspiring. He is a Himachali, who is into film making. Some time ago, he moved back to Manali and running their company from mountains. I can understand that we only see rosy picture in the videos and living in hills also come with various challenges. Anyways, while I writing this blogpost, I am feeling very emotional at this moment. And I love this process of writing the blog, when emotions are at peak.  

Apart from content on this vlog, I loved these 2 humans I never met. Wish to publish their interview in In The Spotlight series some day. And may be a video interview instead of written interview. 

Roonie & Barty - Thanks a lot for such wonderful travel stories through your creativity. Wish you best and hope we get to meet some time in future. 

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