Wat Saen Muang - Find how we located this hidden gem among Chiang Mai Temples in Thailand

Vibha and I prefer walking while travelling to different places, because we strongly believe that it's a great way to soak in a new place, it's culture, surroundings, society and becomes a great reason to eat well & that too the local cuisine on streets. While walking around Chiang Mai, we crossed through a street from where we could see some part of this temple and thought of going inside. The temple surprised us no crowd, but it came across one of the best temples in Chiang Mai with great & modern architecture. This blogpost shares some secrets about Wat Saen Muang, how to reach Wat Saen Muang from different parts of Chiang Mai, entry timings and other places of interest around Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai, Thailand

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Let me start with a pocket friendly information - there is no entry fees for Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai. As far as timings are concerned, we are not sure about the same but it seemed like it's usually open to see it from outside. The view you see above can be experienced at any time as it's an open space for public to enter. Main temples open at specific time. When we were visiting, all temples were closed and that also indicates that it's probably Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai doesn't expect tourists. 

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All photographs shared in this blogpost about Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai are clicked with iPhone phone camera and none of these photographs show interiors as all the temples in the complex were closed, but we don't have any regrets about that. Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai is beautiful built temple in Chiang Mai and some of it's part are old as well. Please have a close look at the photograph above, and notice the details of artworks on the walls/doors of temples in Thailand. 

I know that most popular temples of Chiang Mai are Doi Suthep, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Singh etc and Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai doesn't come in that list, but Vibha & I loved this temple and peace around this space. If you are someone who doesn't care about ranking of tourist places around a place, and appreciate peaceful environment with some colorful architecture, Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai is the place for you. 

If you look carefully at above photograph, Vibha is standing in front of this huge structure inside Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai. This looked like a pretty old part of original temple Now it's surrounded by various new temples, prayer rooms and residences of monks. We noticed few young monks roaming around and playing with each other. There were quite a few street dogs around Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai, but friendly. Usually I am scared of dogs, but I could comfortably walk around Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai, Thailand. 

Chiang Mai is mainly about temples as you may have figured out, but this city of Thailand has a lot more to offer beyond temples which is covered well in other blogposts. Especially markets and night-life of Chiang Mai is equally exciting or I would be more exciting. If you are in Thailand and intend to do shopping, Chiang Mai can be a pocket friendly place in comparison to places like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya etc. 

Above photograph shows the view Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai from main road. This photograph is clicked while we entering into the temple complex. As you can make out, it's not a gated temple and this view is just the beginning. The whole temple area of Wat Saen Muang in Chinag Mai is huge and there is a lot of see and experience. If you are lucky and find the temple open, that would be even awesome. I am sure the interiors would be equally encouraging to explore more.

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