How GPS Tracker Became A Life-Saver For My Kid?


Losing a sight of your kid is a nerve-breaking experience for every parent. Even a thought of it makes our body shiver in fear. The same happened with me when I went to California for a family vacation. I’m sharing my real-life experience to explain how GPS tracker became a live-safer for my little princess.

After the long work hours and busy hectic life, all I wanted is to have a perfect holiday with my family. My husband and I were little worried as we were travelling abroad with our small kid for the first time. Then one of my close friends told me about this amazing wearable safety locator named Trakbond Trail. First, I was a bit skeptic about the accuracy of these devices but believe me guys, this is really a must-have gadget for all parents who keep worrying about the safety of their small kids. 

We all packed our bags and was ready-steady to discover the world in our way. We headed towards Indira Gandhi Airport and after taking our boarding passes; we eagerly waited for our flights to take off. 

After five hours of flight, there was a halt in Hong Kong, China. At Hong Kong International Airport, our daughter wanted to use the restroom so I accompanied her to the washroom. I waited for 15 minutes outside the bathroom because it was too crowded. After a while, when I didn’t see her coming then I knocked on each closed bathroom doors but she wasn’t there. At that time, I had a heart-wrenching experience of losing the sight of my daughter for the first time. 

I searched for her everywhere and then rushed to my husband. He also looked for her everywhere but was unable to find her. Then only I remembered that my daughter is wearing the Trakbond trail device, we opened the app and in a fraction of minutes, it started showing our daughter’s location on a live map. We both ran to the same direction and found our daughter standing near the Play N' Go toy store and watching her favourite toys from outside. I hugged her and utterly cried but she didn’t have any idea about what just happened over there. My husband was smiling in relief seeing that our daughter is safe. 

On that day I have realized the importance of these smart GPS trackers in our everyday life. Those few minutes were the most terrifying experience of my life. After 12 hours of long journey, we safely reached San Francisco and then we took 1-day rest as we were too tired due to jet lag.

We first decided to visit Universal Studios in Los-Angeles. We were excited to see our favourite movies set in real-time. From magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter to WaterWorld, and from family-friendly Simpson ride to exciting studio tour, everything was so exciting and terrific.

Our little angel saw her favourite movie character statue, Shrek for the first time and so ecstatic that she just ran away in the crowd.

We ran behind her but we were unable to see her due to a large crowd. Then only we received the HELP alert that showed our daughter’s location on our smartphones. We both rushed to that location and saw our daughter posing with Shrek statue, we were happy to see her standing alright. We both clicked photos with Shrek statue. 

On the next day, we planned to visit Disneyland as this was one of the dream destinations of my daughter’s wishlist. So we took a cab from Los Angeles to Anaheim and it took us around 30-40 minutes to reach the happiest place on the earth- The Disneyland. Seeing our favourite cartoon character walking around the road really filled our mind with joy and excitement. 

As the place was a little crowded, we tied the tracker to our daughter’s backpack so that we can enjoy our Disneyland trip in a relaxed manner. She went to all the rides and wanders to her favourite Disney princess house freely without our intervention. 

We had our peace of mind as we were following our daughter’s movement on a live map directly on our smartphones. We’ve even created some safe zones within 25metres so if our daughter surpasses the limit; we instantly get notifications on our mobiles. 

On the next day, we returned to San Francisco and took a city tour on a famous cable car. We visited some of the famous tourist’s attractions like the gigantic Golden Gate Bridge, historic Alcatraz Island, and scenic Fisherman's Wharf. After doing some shopping, we took our return flight to India on the next day. 

Before wrapping up, I just want to say that we all know that nothing can replace the parental love and care, gadgets like GPS tracker can definitely help a lot in making our tour smooth and joyous. As a mother of a 6-year old daughter, I think a device like Trakbond can surely add an extra layer of security for your kid.

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