Why not to buy DSLR cameras with dual lens deal?

Yesterday when Festive Sale was going on, one of friends wanted to buy a Camera and had also referred to the recent DSLR comparison post. This friend was looking at an entry level DSLR and between 2 options - Canon 1500D & Nikon D3400. While browsing through the options, she came across some deals where a zoom lens is offered along with standard 18-55 lens and my response was not to go for that option and then I realized that I have shared the explanation with lot of folks in friend circles, so why not compile those details here for benefit of our viewers as well.

#1 - The very first reason is are you sure that you need a zoom lens like that? How would you be sure that 55-250mm, 70-300mm or the offered zoom lens is of right use for you even when you haven't even used a DSLR camera? Think hard about it and the answer comes out that 'not sure', then don't really opt it.

#2 - Quality of the Lens : Usually these are mediocre quality lenses so even the quality is not that great.

#3 - The most important aspect is to first use the camera with standard lens well and then figure out your exact need. You may not want a zoom later on if your main use-cases are family portraits and you may want to get some prime lens like 35mm, 50mm or 85mm. Or you may want to shoot birds, for which you would need better zoom range. So multiple things around here. Be sure what exactly your need is. 

#4 - Although it's a deal, but still your overall budget increases by 25-50% with this addition of a lens which may not be your prime need.  

Even if you decide to go for the deal, please do proper research about quality of the lend being offered as it's not a small investment and you certainly don't want it to live in your house without much use.

I would love to answer any specific questions if you have, so drop us a comment and expect reply within same day.

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