Wawel Cathedral, Krakow - A beautiful piece of Architecture in Poland, Europe

The most special place I found in Wawel Castle of Krakow city of Poland was the Cathedral which is close to one of the entrances. It's huge and it can be completely clicked through your phone cameras unless using some sort of fish-eye extension. And by now, you must have guessed how above photograph is clicked.  This one is clicked with extra-wide lens. The extra-wide lenses are very useful in such situations when you want to click huge architectures but there is not enough space to go back and take a wide shot. 

Let's first talk about how to enter into this Cathedral and how to get entry tickets etc. Let me start by saying that there is a ticket counters which confuses lot of people, but entering into Wawel Cathedral doesn't need any entry ticket, so it's free. 

Folks get ticket for the adjoining Royal Crypts and Sigismund Bell tower. Tickets for the Cathedral can be purchased only in the ticket office directly opposite the Cathedral entrance. A single ticket covers these as well as the Cathedral Museum. 

If you chose to visit some of the museums and these restricted entry places in the Wawel Castle, you need to buy tickets and then it's recommended to get audio tour as well.

This Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus is a Roman Catholic church located on Wawel Hill in Kraków, Poland. More than 900 years old, it is the Polish national sanctuary and traditionally has served as coronation site of the Polish monarchs as well as the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Kraków. 

We spent some time around it clicking photographs and then headed towards lakeside. 

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