Holy Cross Basilica - A notable church on Świętokrzyska Street, Warsaw, Poland

While walking around the Old Town of Warsaw city, you come across amazing architecture pieces but some of them are immediately noticeable and grab your attention. Holy Cross Basilica is one of them and especially in the evening when the sky is saturated blue and Holy Cross Basilica is well lit up to make it stand out in the hustle bustle of the streets around. I didn't click lot of photographs of the place, so you only see 2 of these which are clicked with my phone camera from other side of the street. 

The Church of the Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic house of worship in Warsaw, Poland. It's located on Krakowskie Przedmieście which is opposite the main Warsaw University campus. This is certainly one of the most noticable 

The Holy Cross Church in Warsaw town and gardens around it has lead to name Świętokrzyska Street, which is one of the most notable streets in central Warsaw, Poland .

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