How to reach Barot and things to do around this beautiful valley in Himachal Pradesh

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Surrounded by lush green mountain ranges, the high altitude Barot valley is Himachal Pradesh's least explored tourist destination. Everyone is flocking towards Manali and Shimla pressurizing the local ecosystem, neglecting much more beautiful destinations in Himachal Pradesh like Barot, Jibhi, and Tirthan. Barot is located at a distance of 38km from Jogindernagar (nearest railway station) and is home to scenic mountains, old villages, and lush green deodar trees. So if you are planning the next trip to Himachal Pradesh then Barot valley should always be on your wish list. 

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How to reach Barot from Chandigarh or Delhi 

Reaching Barot totally depends upon your starting location. If you are coming from Chandigarh or Delhi then you need to follow the steps mentioned below To reach Barot you need to know the basic geography of your traveling route. 

Delhi > Chandigarh > Bilaspur > Sundernagar > Mandi. From Mandi, one route will go towards Manali and the other towards Pathankot. You have to take Mandi- Pathankot national highway and at a distance of 58km from Mandi place called Ghatasni will come from where one way will go towards Jogindernagar and other will go towards Barot via Jhatingiri>Tikkan. The distance from Ghatasni to Barot is around 28km. 

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How to Reach Barot from Pathankot 

In order to reach Barot from Pathankot, you need to follow the steps mentioned below From Pathankot you need to travel via Shahpur>Palampur>Jogindernagar>Ghatasni>Tikkan>Barot From Kangra one route will lead towards Hamirpur and other toward Palampur, you have traveled on Pathankot-Mandi national highway. So above was the basic idea of how you can reach Barot from Pathankot or Chandigarh. 

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By Air 

The nearest airport to Barot is the Bhuntar airport which lies at a distance of 125km. One can either take a taxi or can rent a bike from Bhuntar. The other airport which lies at close proximity is the Gagal airport which lies at a distance of 142km from Barot Valley. 

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By Train 

The nearest railway station to Barot is in Jogindernagar which lies 38km from Barot. One can take a train from Delhi to Pathankot and then change for a train to Jogindernagar from Pathankot. This would be the only method of reaching Barot through rail route.

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By Road 

I have described every possible method of reaching Barot by road from Delhi as well as from Pathankot in a detailed manner. But I will give you a few more ideas related to buses and Taxis in order to access Barot by road. You can take a bus from Delhi to Manali and get down at the place called Mandi From Mandi, one can take a bus to Pathankot and get down at Ghatasni from where one can either take a local bus to Barot or can hire a taxi. If you ask me I would suggest that hiring a taxi is a better Idea than taking a local bus as the buses in Barot valley are very few and run after fixed Interval.

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Things to do around Barot 

Walk by Uhl River 

Nice stroll down the Uhl River is one of the best things to do in Barot. The looming pine trees and the lush green meadows are something that will surely make your heart pound widely. Walking is probably the best method to explore this small Himalayan village. 

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Barot is famous for its trekking routes and is also referred to as starting point for the trails like Billing, Bara Bengal, and Kullu etc. If you are trek lover and looking for some unexplored treks around Himachal then Barot is probably the best option to go for. Routes from Barot to Billing and Kullu are among the old shepherd routes and were once among the busiest shepherd routes in Himachal Pradesh. 


Fishing is one of the most common and lovable activities done in Barot. Here one can find brown as well as rainbow trout in the stream of Uhl. The fishing season usually ranges from March to October and is also considered as the best time for fishing. The tourist season in Barot lies around May, June which is also a good month for fishing. 


I have always considered that camping is one of the must-do activities when traveling in the Himalayas. Some people often relate camping to be harsh with no place to get food, staying in the jungle and the absence of light. But in today's world, one can experience all the luxury of hotels inside an Alpine camp. Alpine camps or Swiss tents is a concept in which one can get charging slots, attached washrooms and good food to eat along with king size bed to sleep. You can get these Alpine tents in Barot as well adding little more charm to your trip. 

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