Saxon Gardens, Warsaw - One of the oldest parks in the World which opened for public

I was not aware that I am entering into World's one of the oldest parks which was opened for public. But as I entered and started walking around the Saki Park, I realized that it must be very special. I was not even aware of the name of the park, so opened maps and checked the name. Soon after I read more about it and was super impressed with it's history & how it evolved. 

While in Warsaw, I saw staying in The Westin Hotel and whenever I got some time free I used to get out and walk around the streets. During one of the day, I walked through the street in front of the hotel which crosses through Radisson hotel and hit Saxon Park. We entered into it the park loved the way whole park is planned with beautiful tress all around, clean paths to walk around, some statutes installed in different parks and colorful flowers all around. Certainly environment is perfect to invite birds of this region. And to take care of birds, there are arrangements of water in the park.  

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Above if the photograph of one of the sculptures installed in the park and the beautiful part is that sculptures are brought from historical places and places in this park. The ones I saw are very well maintained and preserved for so many years now.  This rich collection of sculptures were placed in the Summer Garden after recapturing the city by Marshal Suvorov in 1794

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As per one of the ancient plans of the Saxon Garden it was observed that there were 70 such sculptures in the Garden, and in 1797 there were only 37 sculptures left. Only 20 of them have been preserved later on. Four of these sculptures were completely destroyed during the blowing up of the Saxon Palace in 1944, but they were later reconstructed.

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Sculptures include - Arithmetic, Astronomy, Bacchus, Flora, Geography, two sculptures identified as Glory, Instruct, Intelligence, Intellect, Justice, Medicine, Military Architecture, Painting, Poetry, Rationality, Science, Sculpture, Venus and Winter. They were generally made before 1745 by anonymous Warsaw sculptors under the direction of Johann Georg Plersch.

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While walking deep into the park, we came across this beautiful fountain. This fountain had beautiful carving all around and couples love sitting around the water area of the fountain which is circular. Lot of birds can be seen around this fountain, especially around the noon. 

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Close to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, there are beautiful sections with colorful tulips all around. It was a great experience to see so many tulips with best colors on them. Almost all the flowers were healthy which I had never experienced in such setup of hundreds of flowers. 

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Above photograph shows the interiors of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, dedicated to the unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland. It is one of many such national tombs of unknowns that were erected after World War I, as well as the most important national symbols of bravery and heroism. 

At Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, official delegations place wreaths and pay homage to the killed soldiers. The tomb has a change of guards every hour.

Above photograph shows the full structure called Tomb of the Unknown Soldier inside Saxon Park of Warsaw city. 

Zachęta National Gallery of Art is pretty close to Saxon Park in city centre of Warsaw, Poland. This photograph was clicked from Saxon park as we didn't have time to visit the gallery. This one is one of the most popular art galleries in Warsaw city of Poland. 

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As you walk around the park, it's interiors are populated with trees and all four sides have roads with reasonable good traffic, mainly one of the roads which also has train track on it. Above photograph shows one of the bus stops where people are waiting for their bus to come. 

As we step out of the park, there are plenty of high rise buildings all around. Especially around the road which connects Saxon park with some of the hotels like The Westin and Radisson. 

It was a lovely walk around the park, although I wished to have more time to explore it well. It's pretty big so if you have time, you can spend good amount of time here. 

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