Garudtal - A beautiful lake on the way to Sattal in Uttarakhand state of India

If you like relatively quieter places, especially in the hills you should certainly follow this post. We are sharing about this beautiful lake in Uttarakhand state of India. Garudtal is close to Sattal lake in Kumaun region of hilly state Uttarakhand. 

While we were visiting Naukuchiatal, we were staying in Firdaus and our hosts Nandan/Smita took us to the lake tour and we visited Naukuchiatal, Bhimtal, Saattal and Garudtal. The lake which caught our attention was Garudtal and probably there are multiple reasons for this. We were the only group around the lake and spent good amount of time walking around the lake. Along with that we also played few games with stones walking on the water and some camera tricks. 

Garudtal comes on the way when you head towards Sattal from Bhimtal. Lake with pretty clear water and in middle of the forest. There is no commercial activity around the lake. There is a walk from the church to the lake which is little longer and the other way is to have 5 mins walk from the road. We chose the second option.I hardly saw anybody stopping by as most of the folks go to Sattal which is full of hustle-bustle. 

We were roaming around these lakes in the evening and it was perfect time to visit Garud lake. When we reached Garudtal, it was sunset time and the reflection of orangish trees in the lake was looking awesome. That’s one of the main reasons that orange is the prime color of most of the photographs in this post. 

When headed back towards the road, we were pleasantly surprised by the attack of some colorful birds on our car. As we went closer to the car, we realized that there were 3 woodpeckers curiously looking inside the car. 2 of them flew away as we went closer and one of them remained there till one of us was 15 feet away from the car.

I would highly recommend to visit this lake if you are around this part of Kumaun and spend some quality time with your loved ones. 


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