Why not to chose international roaming on existing number vs getting International Sim

During my international trips, I have tried both the modes when it comes to phone connectivity in other country. One is get roaming package on your existing phone number and second is to get prepaid sim for limited time period as per your travel plan.

Here are some of the reason for not choosing roaming pack on your existing number - 

- Higher cost : Usually it's costly and there is not much flexibility in terms of plans according to the duration of your stay. 

- It becomes an international call if someone in that geography wants to call you. May not be a big issue but people called it out when they got to know that I am using my India number :), so certainly that matters. 

- Booking app based taxis becomes a hassle. : Many times setting up local cab apps is a problem. The problem happens at times with international credit cards. 

- You loose various offers which are typically available on new numbers. : This is one of the important aspects, which is hard to explain but new number comes with various opportunities. 

Now are you wondering what is the advantage of using your own number with international roaming. The biggest benefit is that you are always connected to your own world, and everybody in your circle can reach out to easily. What else? 

I would like to hear your thoughts through comments. 


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