Reflecting upon the world through my green friends after rain

My favorite corner of my house is my balcony, which is bright green especially during monsoons. I love my plants and have had some of them for as long as 5 years. Some I bought from nurseries and others I grew from seed. I have watched them grow, watched them turn woody, and watched them bear their first flowers. And I won't be wrong in saying that this has given me immense joy.

I do not have a house on the ground floor, or one with a lawn, but I do the most I can with the balcony that I have. And it is so rewarding during the rains to watch these plants get rejuvenated and almost perform a dance of happiness while balancing raindrops on their leaves and branches. After the long, scalding summer months, this is a much awaited sight.

People say I have a green thumb, but actually I too have lost plants, many plants. But I do not give up on my love for plants, because they give me joy. For every plant I lose, I pot two new ones. And this is how I keep myself motivated through setbacks. And to see a seed you sowed grow up and learn how to be a tree is a very rewarding experience. I often sit and wonder how a plant knows when to start shedding its leaves and when to regrow them. There must be some kind of communication at work here that we do not understand - older trees teaching younger plants through some telepathic conversation.

If you don't have a plant at home, get one now and do your best to nurture it and carre for it. Learn about caring for it by researching on the Internet. Join groups that constantly talk about plants, and you will be astonished about how much life a single plant can bring to your home.

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