PHOTO JOURNEY || A Poem by Girish Mehta


Lets start a journey that never ends,
Let me be where I do not worry about likes or trends.
I never want to stop for the rain to end, for the sun to drop a little,
To wait for the moment and scramble when my subject’s in the middle.

I want to freeze them in my frames, and unleash the cacophony of rhythm,
To hear the unheard applause, in the tears that I fathom.
I am on a journey of memories, where each one twinches my heart,
I look back a little, pause for a happy tea, and walk forward for my next work of art.

Hold my hand, lend me your vision,
You will hear giggles, tears, and the odd celebration.
This is the place where I take you on a high, served to you minus an unbiased attorney,
And, this is my never-ending Photojourney!



Thank u so much Girish ! I am touched by your gesture. It summarizes beautifully what Photo Journey means to me.

And let me also tell you that you have excellent poetry writing skills - which requires a perfect balance of technique & what you feel deep inside the heart. Thanks again !!!

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