Team Trip to Sariska National Park in Rajasthan, INDIA

After a lot of discussions and planning, our team finally decided to go to Sariska Tiger Reserve for the annual team trip in the first week of November. We were a group of ~22 people including team mates, their spouses and kids. We started around 8 A.M. in the morning and let's check out the Photo Journey to know more about this trip & Kikar.

Our first halt was at Haldiram's for breakfast. Kids were more than happy to finally get off the bus for breakfast.

We played dumb charades, 10 questions etc games in the bus while traveling. Can you guess the movie name which Vikram is trying to tell? ...Its "Asamanjas" :) Isn't it obvious from his expressions.

 Kids were also enjoying the games in their own unique ways.

Sariska Palace is the resort where we stayed. We all were amused by seeing the majestic appearance of the Palace.

As soon as we reached the palace around 3 pm, we had lunch. Sariska Palace has a lot of empty spaces, greenery and has a lot of options for activities. We all explored the palace.

There were lots of flowers at the side ways and in the gardens which were well maintained.

We could see a lot monkeys in the compound who were not afraid of playing around. Actually we were afraid of them a little initially.

There was also a park having rides, merry-go-round, slides in it for kids.

Kids enjoyed the rides in the park while others were exploring the palace.

Some elderly kids also enjoyed the rides. :)

The resort was well maintained with sign guides placed in different parts of palace. The paths were surrounded with trees and bushes.

It also has a huge swimming pool. It was very clean and maintained. The depth was ~7 feet. Atul enjoyed swimming while we were (non-swimmers) sitting along side of the pool. One can infer from the photo that he is a very good swimmer.

We also did high jump in the Lon Tennis ground. :)

We all enjoyed roaming around the palace in a lovely weather. See the happy faces.

It was a sunny afternoon with slightly cool weather. However, it felt like a hill station in the evening.

Here is a flock of Harleys which belonged to a group called "Bikers Group" from Delhi who visited the palace.

 Now, it was time for cricket. Most of us played cricket till late evening. Some of us were playing cricket after 4-5 years. Others were enjoying  the place resting in the comfortable chairs and Kids...they always find something interesting to do regardless of the place. :)

After evening tea, we (the bachelors) enjoyed playing cards. We all were waiting for 7 pm when our DJ party was scheduled.

And finally we all were on dance floor with our drinks. Probably this is the most exciting part of every trip where everyone dances without even knowing any steps. There was bonfire too which I couldn't cover as i was busy in dancing. :)

We also enjoyed folk songs and dance. It was not arranged for our group but we managed to infiltrate and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Vishal did a dance performance and was star of the show.

A tight hug for the awesome performance. :)

I was up early in the morning and took a walk in the palace with my camera.

The group was ready for adventures in the safari.

The morning was very cold and we all carried our shawls and pullovers.

Here is our whole group. We left the palace around 1 pm and we were planning to go to Siliserh lake but we couldn't go as our bus got punctured (actually one of the tire of the bus) which was another adventure for some of us.


Nice Photo Journey Deepak !!! You have very well captured all of these candid moments from Sariska Trip. Some of the photographs are amazingly good.

It sounded like great fun to be with group at Sariska. I wish you guys could go to Siliserh Lake as well...

btw, anything about wildlife there?
Deepak said…
Thanks VJ !!! :)

I'll be posting a part-2 of the Photo Journey where i'll share the experience during the safari in Sariska.
wow so you guys actually got to see the interiors of the palace..when we went on a family trip in October...and visited it...the entry fee into the palace was 500 bucks..we just did a prompt U turn!!!
Deepak said…
We were lucky then, I think. :)

It was really a nice place to stay and relax. However, we also heard the stories of panthers visiting the palace at pool side in night. We couldn't step out of our rooms once we heard this. ;)
Amulya Sharma said…
Good Job in Pics and cations
Nisha said…
Nice candid photos captured well. I heard Sariska is good for birds and wildlife but it's also good otherwise if you have a good company. :)
Holidays said…
Really Pleasant Photo Journey -) And very well captured frank flashes. All the captured images are amazingly good and worth enjoyable. Sariska wildlife is truly the best destinations for all who loves wildlife and nature.

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