Travellingcamera in Melbourne - Visualizing the different colors

 This is an entry for the Indiblogger “It’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!” contest. 

This is a very special moment when many things are happening for the first time on PHOTO JOURNEY!

1. We are participating in a Blogging Contest for the very first time. ("It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW")
2. This is the very first story about Australia.
Disclaimer: All images are reference images and none of them are from Australia. This is because Travellingcamera has never been to Australia.
When I read about this contest, I was not sure whether I should participate, but there was something that kept pushing me for it and finally at the midnight, I have started writing about it. As the title says, It's the time for Travellingcamera to capture different colors of Melbourne. (We need to visualize those colors right now :) )

As Melbourne is popularly known as the Capital of Victoria, the first thing that came to my mind was to talk to different Indian students studying in and around the city. Some of my friends are also in Melbourne right now and I caught up with them on a quick chat on Facebook. Many of them see Melbourne as a great place for explorers who love wandering in hidden laneways and lavish restaurants & bars. Some of the talk about culture, sports, parties, and colorful boulevards. Beer & wine fans are of course fan of this city.

I was most excited about the hidden laneways as they could present the true colors of Melbourne city to Travellingcamera. Melbourne has many tourist attractions, but Travellingcamera believes in exploring the least explored aspects. My curiosity encouraged me to continue the virtual exploration.

Travellingcamera would love to wander in the streets of Melbourne, and I am sure that the city will embrace me and the laneways will reveal the surprises such as the street food, swanky fashion on lane-sides, and various forms of arts. These are the few things everyone talks of when discussing about Mebourne.  

As an Indian, visiting these foreign cities is more like watching Hollywood movies or big-banner Bollywood movies. I would want to explore Melbourne either on foot or through most unusual modes of commuting. But what exactly is that? If you know it, please comment back and share... Otherwise FREE City Tourist Shuttle is an interesting option to check out tourist EQs in Melbourne, which is important to frame in TravellingCamera.

 So what else apart from standard Travelling-Camera styled exploration?

! Travelling-camera loves to talk to nature. I would surely love to experience the open-air zoo and wild animal parks around the city. Dancing dolphins can be extremely exciting for us. All modes of the camera can be best utilized to capture these sights - Aperture Mode to frame Dolphins in the best possible Depth of field, Shutter-Speed mode to show the symmetrical motion, and Manual Mode to keep for the maximum control. In the open zoo, people are allowed to touch various animals. We would love to capture those moments of connection between the people and the animals. We would love to click children who hesitate to initiate first and then avoid the fact that the moment is going to end soon. 

! Does the Ocean sounds exciting?

The Great Ocean Road is the best place for a romantic drive with our cameras. This is one of the main reasons to visit Melbourne. We will probably end up spending the most time here. It would be fun to go near the ocean & try to make pebbles fly on its surface. This would be the place where I would want to walk for long around the shoreline and capture some frames to share with the rest of the world.

! Architectural Marvels of Melbourne

Travellingcamera has aways loved architecture and we would love to present the Architectural Marvels of Melbourne just like we have presented the Delhi's Marvels. It's a great chance to capture the old world grandeur of Melbourne. Recently I have invested in some good lenses, which are better for architectural photography, so what can be better destination than Melbourne. Some of the selected places to visit could be the Railway Station, University campus and post office.

! Melbourne Heritage :  Exploring Melbourne's rich and diverse heritage can be another wonderful experience and of course, I would prefer to have guided tours to places like - City Baths, Eastern Hill Fire Station, General Post Office,   Government House, HM Prison Pentridge, Coburg, Old Melbourne Magistrates' Court,  National Gallery of Victoria, Old Melbourne Gaol, Parliament House, Queen Victoria Women's Centre (formerly Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital), Russell Street Police Headquarters (former),     Royal Exhibition Building, Shrine of Remembrance, State Library of Victoria, Supreme Court of Victoria, Titles Office (former), Old Treasury Building etc... These are some places I have seen in various photographs on web and some were shared by some Photographer friends from Australia. Given a chance, I would love to catch up with some these friends to join in one of the tours in Melbourne. They can be a great source of information for TravellingCamera.

! Being Sporty in Melbourne : In the city, there are various sports options to choose and TravellingCamera is confused about prioritizing the sport-fun in Melbourne. At the same time, the type of sport will be chosen on the basis of Photography opportunity being offered. Para-sailing is something that sounds more promising from Photography point-of-view. Surfing and Scuba diving sounds quite adventurous. Not sure about surfing, but Scuba-diving is something that opens up a new world. But at the same time, I need to invest in some photography equipments to shoot in this new world. So TravellingCamera would like to get wet and wild in Melbourne.

Above mentioned things would be the priority and if time will allow, Travellingcamera would love to explore the ways to make the best out of a Melbourne Trip.

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