Mission Red Planet by Motographer (Sundeep Gajjar) || Dubai - Iran - Turkey - Bulgaria - Romania - Hungary - Slovenia - Misano, Italy (19th May - 22nd June, 2012)

Today's Photo Journey shares a wonderful ride from one country to another and continues to next one. The MotoGrapher, Sundeep, started on his Ducati MultiStrada, from Dubai and is headed towards Italy.  Let's check out his Photo Journey through multiple countries and know about it...

Sundeep has been updating Facebook and mission-blog on daily basis. He is a birilliant photographer as well and loves to be called a 'Motographer'.

His initial plan was to ride from new Delhi to Italy, but he finally settled on Dubai as the starting point of this ride.

In Sundeep's words, "One day I hope that this world will be like one big country where our children will be amused at the kind of 'issues' we had to deal with while crossing borders on a land which was supposed to belong to everyone when God created it. But then it's all in the fun!"

 Sundeep took flight to Dubai from India and it was time to pick his Ducati. To know more about his arrival at Dubai and setting up things, check out - http://www.missionredpla.net/motoblog/2012/05/21/the-first-day-hello-mr-multistrada-time-to-stretch-your-legs/

The photographs in this post are not intended to be in the chronological order as per the schedule of the ride. Photo Journey is more about giving you an idea about Mission Red Planet and what all has happened so far. For more details about a specific ride we have shared links, where you can find specific details in Sundeep's words. 

Sundeep Gajjar sitting on his Red Ducati Multistrada after a wonderful ride during the day !

Sundeep describes his second day as the day of 'Largest' things all around - The Largest Mosque, The largest roller coaster and largest Ducati showroom/facility in the world. First two days were more about meeting various people, driving on huge roads, and exploring Dubai Mall, which was again the largest mall in the world ! You can check this LARGEST Story out at - http://www.missionredpla.net/motoblog/2012/05/23/the-second-day-hello-mr-largest/

This Photo Journey has no photograph of Sand or Camels, so to check out some intersting photographs from Dubai, check out - http://www.missionredpla.net/motoblog/2012/05/25/thou-shall-not-pass-stuck-in-dubai-you-cannot-travel-to-iran/

After Dubai, Sundeep flew to Istanbul but couldn't ride in Iran. Though at the same time, he was happy about continuation of Mission Red Planet beyond this point. Check out some of the photographs from Istanbul City - http://www.missionredpla.net/motoblog/2012/05/29/a-red-bike-for-the-red-planet-mission-istanbul/

 After Istanbul, it was time to move towards Turkey and around  .... For more information, please click HERE...

Above Photograph is from Greece. More HERE

The city of Kalambaka overlooks these high cliffs and it gives the whole town a stunning character. The roads which weave through this whole area, connecting the six monasteries, is of a very high quality and Sundeep's ride through it was simply stunning with all high sandstone pillars with monasteries perched on them and the modern house visible far down below.

It was time to hit Serrus which was near Greece – Bulgarian border. Sundeep was excited for Bulgaria since it is a country which was not a part of the Schengen Agreement but a part of Euro zone. Moreover it had that exotic and unknown feel to it, since he didn’t know even a single person who was from Bulgaria or had been to that country so far.

After some interesting observations on the border, Sundeep started his journey in Bulgeria. On border, officials were surprised to see an Indian on a Bike and entering into non-Indian country from of-course a non-Indian nation. 

A tunnel in Bulgaria through the Trigrad Gorge Marble rocks, chilly, dark and dripping with water, stuff that adventure is made of! Check out more about Bulgerian Ride at http://www.missionredpla.net/motoblog/2012/06/16/into-the-wilderness-of-bulgaria/

World is a lovely place and it is great that people like Sundeep are taking on such unique challenges to explore it. 

They are an inspiration for the rest of us. Perhaps it is time to move on from petty things and to head out and enjoy the world. 

It takes courage to head out alone into unknown places. But once you take the first step, it is difficult to stop.

Riding a bike gives you a sense of freedom that no other mode of transport does. It makes you truly one with the surroundings, in the absence of the metallic exoskeleton of a car to protect you from heat or cold or to shelter you from rain. 

If only there weren't any artificial borders in the world...

The only hurdles to be overcome would be the once that have been etched by nature. And that is how it should be...

This bike is truly the queen of the roads...

In such rides, each turn reveals a new world and each milestone is an achievement. Imagine the exhilaration at each step.

Hats off to people like Sundeep who not only dare to dream but also take it into their own hands to make their dreams come true.

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