A Walk Around the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Part II

After a round inside the campus, here are some interesting University buildings that are a little distance away from the King's Gate or some shops/areas around the University that are not necessarily a part of the University but play an important role in adding to the soul of the campus.
Blackwell - The Book Shop. The shop not only sells books but also material for arts and craft and also stationary. This shop also buys used books from students. The only grudge against the shop is that it sells Northumbria Universities merchandise but not Newcastle's. Grrr...

One of the coffee shops in the campus. I've had coffee from her once but me and my friends find this shop expensive and prefer others that are further away from the campus but cheap such as Coffee Beans.

The Daysh Building facing the Claremont road, one of the bigger roads passing through the massive University Campus.

The Claremont bridge across the Claremont road. I had to wait for a considerable amount of time before I was able to click this picture because some girls would not leave the first floor balcony. And I did not want them to be there in this picture.
The entrance to the Claremont tower that leads to the Claremont bridge. The building houses the Information Systems and Services.

In the center is the Old Library building that also houses a computer cluster, the language centre, the beehive and the Courtyard Restaurant.  This particular side of the building houses the restaurant on the ground floor.

The Courtyard Restuarant up close. The only thing I've had here is a 1 GBP coffee which was not too good.
On the left is the Devonshire building, which has won several awards and has even resulted in the Newcastle University winning a Green Gown award. Apparently, the building uses photovoltaic cells and geothermal heating coils to heat the building. To be honest, I don't know what that means.
A typical sign board in the University. Cities in the UK have similar sign boards. These are really helpful because most of the places to see are at a walking distance.

The pedestrian bridge, called the Hadrian Bridge, over the Great North Museum that passes through the University. The day this picture was shot, it was raining. So I was glad that the bridge is covered. The bridge leads to the Robinson Library
And now, The Robinson Library. The library is automated and well stocked. On most of the days, the library opens till late and students can be found studying hard inside. The library also houses a huge computer cluster and even offers binding services.

The Politics Building. I don't know much about this except that it is right next to the Robinson Library, right next to the Great North Road.

And this is the Great North Road. Notice that there are no footpaths. In fact, most of the UK highways do not have footpaths.  The traffic is so fast that it is perhaps too risky to let pedestrians walk next to it.

The Devonshire building and the Drummond building across the Great North Road. Yes, the campus is huge.

The Robinson Library from the side. One thing I've never been able to figure out is how they detect when a book is being taken out of the library without having been issued. But they do detect it. Not that I've tried it. heh heh.

This unimposing building is the Newcastle Law School which ranks 3rd amongst the law schools in the UK. This lies in the Jesmond Area of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
In the distance is the tower of the Anglican Church of St. Thomas, the Martyr. The Church is right opposite Kings Gate and is surrunded by a beautifully landscaped gardens.
This is the first world war memorial called, The response, designed in 1914. It stands next to the Church of St. Thomas, the Martyr.

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