A Quick visit to Humayun's Tomb during a foggy day of Delhi-Winters !!!

Humayun's Tomb is a huge area having multiple Mughal architectural forms. It is located in East-Nizamuddin area of Delhi, India...This area has main tomb of the Emperor Humayun as well as numerous others... The complex is a World Heritage Site and the first example of this type of Mughal architecture in India...The architecture is similar to Taj Mahal.

This weekend we planned to visit Humayun's Tomb during early morning and then reach Surajkund Fair by 11:30 am... Our morning started late and plan got delayed.. We reached  Humayun's Tomb at 09:45 am and then thought of having a quick round and move towards Surajkund Fair which is a famous handicraft Mela in Faridabaad... It was a foggy Saturday and I was little disappointed... Here are few Photographs I clicked during this weekend.. Have a look !!!

I think these tourists are also disappointed like me because they can't have their photograph in front of Humayun's Tomb.. of course, they can click one but an explanation is required about the place :) ... So the faded architectural form in the background is Humayun's Tomb... In this complete post, there is no clear Photograph of the Tomb, so you can check out the real place @ http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2009/01/humayuns-tomb-delhi.html 

Sunlight touching lush green grounds of Humayun's Tomb after struggling with bunch of trees...

I have never shot these kind of light streaks in a better way :( .... Many times I tried but not very happy with the final results... Of course, I have a new excuse this time : "We were late and shot could have been far better during early morning :)"

Couple entering inside Humayun's Tomb Campus... Normally the word which is heard around this gate is "Wow", but fog fades the sound of that appreciation upto some extent... On entering into the campus of Humayun's Tomb  there is a huge green areas having some palm trees and it has a very old architecture on the right side...

Some part of Humayun's Tomb was closed due to maintainance work... Folks were filling red colored cement with a mix of sand between the stones.. After filling this material they were rubbing the surface so that it doesn't look like a new thing... Some of them were also making some artworks there... 

Whole campus of Humayun's Tomb was under maintainance and here is the team delivering raw material to various sub-groups spread over the campus of Humayun's Tomb !!! They were happy that I clicked their photograph... Here is one warning to photographers who go to these monuments and click photographs : You need to be very careful specially if you are alone... Sometimes these people allow you to click photographs and then ask for money.. Then it would not be simple to get out of their with peaceful mind... So either avoid clicking their pics or make sure that you are unnoticeable.. 

A sweet US lady having a round of Humayun's Tomb and capturing the place in her min Nikon Camera... I had a little chat with her and she looked very happy.. She was telling me some stories about Indian children who love to say Hi/Bye to tourists and love to have a photograph with them... She was stopped by school children to have a photograph with her, but surprisingly she was very happy about this although they took 15 minutes to do so.. It was a complete gang of 150 girls... Some of the girls even took her cap to try and have some good Photographs...

A lady in red sari walking towards main Tomb with water... She has a duty of bringing water to the place where cement work was happening... Humayun's Tomb is one of the monument in Delhi which is very well maintained !!!

Main Tomb is surrounded by Char Bagh and this building is very symmetrical and looks same from all four directions... Even the garden in the surroundings is very symmetric.. Over the time, it has changed due to different height trees and other things... But Mughals used to maintain their areas very well !!! 

Lot of Photographers trying to shoot various angles of Humayun's Tomb !!!

Finally this visit to Humayun's Tomb was not a quick one and we spent lot of time there.. and it was all worth !!! Later on we cancelled our plan to go to Surajkund and headed towards CP to have lunch at KFC :)


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