INDIA GATE - Alive at Night (PART-2)

Hope you have already seen my last story about night-life around India Gate in Delhi... If not, check out a small journey @ .. Here are few more photographs from my last visit to India Gate and President's House in Delhi.. Check Out !!!

"Gubbare-Vala" - I think these folks are most popular among all the hawkers around India Gate because lot of children come to this place and almost everyone wants to have one balloon to take home :)  and I think the person in this photograph is the lucky one who has almost sold all the balloons !

Colorful Balloons shining with reflected light of India Gate during late evening ...

After roaming around this place and having snacks, everyone needs water or soft-drinks... & here is the place to look for appropriate options...

Ice-cream vendor waiting for customers @ India Gate, Delhi

Some experiments with street lights installed on the road which leads to President's house ....

Another hawker, at India gate, selling cotton-candy(not sure if this name is correct)...

Customers moving towards a gol-gappa vendor @ India Gate, Delhi

Interesting fellow around India Gate who was selling toys and always smiling ! He used to give these toys to children to try and most of the times won the game !

Canopy behind India Gate in Delhi !

एक और गुब्बारेवाला ... शायद कम गुब्बारे बीके हैं...

India Gate की दूसरी और जाता हुआ गुब्बारेवाला  !

विदेशी पर्यटक अपने नाम की माला बनवाती हुई ! Sorry, if it sounds odd ...

"हाँ भाया ! फोटू काहे छींच रहा है? का करेगा इसका ? "

Chat-vendor around India gate.. Its a good thing to try !

Cotton Candy Vendor roaming around India  Gate, Delhi ...

चायवाला @ India Gate, Delhi

चना-जोर-गरम ...


I love this place a lot...especially in the night, the lights on India Gate make the view completely different.
Yeah !

Many folks like to go there during late evenings... I know few folks, who come here after dinner and go back during midnight... Nice place to hang out with friends !

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