Purana Qila (Old Fort) @ Delhi

QALA-I-KUHNA-MASJID @ Purana Qila, DelhiQALA-I-KUHNA-MASJID @ Purana Qila, Delhi
 QALA-I-KUHNA-MASJID: The single-domed Qila-i-Kuna Mosque, built by Sher Shah in 1541 is an excellent example of a pre-Mughal design. The prayer hall inside has five elegant arched niches or mihrabs set in its western wall. Marble in shades of red, white and slate is used for the calligraphic inscriptions and marks a transition from Lodhi to Mughal architecture. A second storey provided space for female courtiers to pray, while the arched doorway on the left wall, framed by ornate jharokas, was reserved for members of the royal family.

Purana Qila @ DelhiMosque 'Peshtak' (Entrance Arch)

Purana Qila @ Delhi
Purana Qila @ Delhi
Interiors @ Purana Qila, Delhi
Detailed look at the stone carvings inside the Old Fort
Purana Qila @ Delhi Sher Mandal @ Purana Qila, Delhi
Purana Qila @ Delhi
Mosque detail
Purana Qila @ Delhi
Some good maintenance and greenery inside the Old Fort in Delhi
Purana Qila @ DelhiPurana Qila @ Delhi
Purana Qila @ Delhi
Humayun Gate (Southern Ramparts) @ Purana Qila, Delhi
Purana Qila @ Delhi
Ruins of the Old Fort through tall grass in front
Extended part of Humayun Gate (Southern Ramparts) @ Purana Qila, Delhi
Purana Qila @ DelhiWay to Humayun Gate (Southern Ramparts) @ Purana Qila, Delhi
Purana Qila @ Delhi
Purana Qila @ Delhi
Purana Qila @ DelhiLake outside Purana Qila, Delhi
Purana Qila @ DelhiPurana Qila view from Lake side
Purana Qila @ Delhi 
bcvbvc'Bara Darwaza' (Main Entrance)

Purana Qila @ Delhi

Light coming through window in Humayun Gate (Southern Ramparts)
Photo gives an impression of how old the building is, more than 500 years

Purana Qila @ Delhi Exterior of Purana Qila, Delhi

Purana Qila, Delhi is located in the south of Delhi near the serene Zoological Garden and the Pragati Maidan. Humayun started the construction of the city of his own on the site of the ancient city of Indraprasta, which has been proved beyond doubt by some archaelogical discoveries from its site. Every stone of the fort tells the horrifying drama of the struggle between the Mughal and the Afghans under Sher Shah Suri. Therefore the fort gives the visitors of a blend of the Mughal, Hindu and Afghan architecture. The construction of the fort continued under Sher Shah who defeated Humayun and dethroned him for a short period of time. However, it was very smartly completed by Humayun on his regined his Imperial throne. So the Dinpanah as called by Humayun was converted to Shergarh, as named by SherShah.

The walls of the Purana Qila have three double-storeyed gateways built with red sandstone – the Humayun Darwaza, Talaqi Darwaza and the Bara Darwaza. The fouth one was guarde by a moat linked with the river Yamuna. There is a small octagonal redstone tower on the right side of the southern gate which was named as Sher Mandal which was later used by Humayun as his library which ultimately brought about his end when he tripped down from the stairs.


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