Chokhi Dhani @ Jaipur

CHOKHI DHANI is around 25 Km from Jaipur. Entry ticket costs 275/- per person & 150/- per child between 3 to 9 yrs in Chokhi Dhani. Chokhi dhani is a ethnic village setup with people skilled in different things. There are dancers, magicians, astrologers, puppet shows, Bailgari, Camel/Hathi savari, Jhoola & a lot of stalls with different entertainment games like Nishanebaazi, local version of Bowling etc….

Photograph of Main entry for Chokhi DhaniMain entry for Chokhi Dhani

Photograph of Hukka @ Chokhi dhaniHukka @ Chokhi dhani : You can also enjoy hukka & there are experts who could tell you about the technicalities involved.

Photograph of Puppet Show at Chokhi Dhani
Puppet Show @ Chokhi Dhani

Photograph of Traditional dance at Chokhi DhaniRajasthani Traditional dance @ Chokhi Dhani
We enjoyed most of the games there & saw different dance shows.
The main part is the Rajasthani food served in the Dinner. Buffet is served on one side & there is a place next to it where food is served to you sitting down on the floor. We preferred the second option & enjoyed the food in traditional style. A lot of things are served in a specific order & you can ask for anything anytime, but most of the times Dhani-people around you will ask to have something. Service is really amazing. Best known Rajasthani food Dal-Bhati-Churma is also served, but for adventurous traveler, willing to experiment, there is a lot of variety available. It includes Dal Pachhmelri, Kadi Besanro , Makki/Bajara Roti, gatta, Bura, Butter, Ghee, Chhachh, Lassi, Papad, Khichadi etc & they call all these items in different way.
Photograph of Pandit ji @ Chokhi Dhani (Astrologer)
Pandit ji @ Chokhi Dhani (Astrologer)
Masaj @ Chokhi Dhani
Masaj @ Chokhi Dhani
Nishanebaazi @ Chokhi Dhani
Nishanebaazi @ Chokhi Dhani

We enjoyed a lot & the time spent here was the best time during Jaipur trip.


Ghar ka khana said…
All at one place,seems to be a very interesting experience

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