The Most Iconic Theme Park Rides Across the United States

Shared experience is the name of the game when it comes to theme park rides. Whether it involves being scared out of your wits and laughing after your ride on a towering rollercoaster or stepping inside the alternate universe of a well-known story, the best theme park rides engage your senses and put you at the center of the action in a well-known story. If you're looking to visit a new theme park with the family, these iconic rides will make your visit worthwhile and create lasting memories.

Avatar: Flight of Passage (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

This Avatar: Flight of Passage ride takes participants to the next level of flying theater. While soaring above Pandora during your ride on a banshee, you'll feel the beast's diaphragm move. Avatar gives riders a complete wind, rain, and smell experience as they travel through an otherworldly environment in a perfect mixture of ride and movie.

Steel Vengence (Cedar Point)

When Steel Vengeance debuted in 2018, it was the world's tallest and fastest hybrid coaster. This Wild-west-themed ride reaches a high of 205 feet and reaches a top speed of 74 mph. The rider will endure a 90-degree drop, 30 seconds of airtime, four inversions, and a ride that is over a mile, lasting 5,740 feet.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland)

In the minds of many theme park enthusiasts, the original version of this classic ride is the best and continues to be one of the most popular attractions at the park. Over the years, Disney has modified and updated the ride to reflect the film series it inspired. You'll sail through perilous grottos, enjoy a plantation dinner party and experience a war-torn town through the eyes of pirates. We'll bet you'll come out of the ride humming the theme song too after you book your Disneyland tickets.

Manta (SeaWorld Orlando)

Manta Roller Coaster is as close as you can get to an underwater rollercoaster. Start your adventure by booking your entry time and going through the underground exhibit, and then board the flying coaster, which drives through tunnels and skims along the water, dipping at times for inversions that bring the ultimate coaster experience.

Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa)

Often considered the best of the world's inverted Rollercoasters, Montu gives riders a thrill at every turn. If you and your family love being upside down, this is the coaster for you. Montu is the first coster to combine a loop and a roll at the same time. Your journey will take you through seven inversions, including a heart-shaped Batwing. This ride is not for the faint of heart as its 104-foot-tall loop reaches a speech of 60 mph with a G-force of 3.84. Expect your heart to end up in your stomach

Haunted Mansion (Disneyland)

Haunted Mansion is another Disneyland classic ride that has withstood the test of time thanks to multiple updates with state-of-the-art effects. Its "999 Happy Haunts" is a funny yet scary attraction appropriate for the entire family. This dark ride now features updated scenes along with enhanced lighting and audio systems.

Splash Mountain (Disneyland)

Who doesn't like a water flume ride? Splash Mountain at Disneyland is another ride that has withstood the test of time. Riders travel in hollowed-out logs, passing animatronic scenes that depict the Disney film Song of the south. You'll travel with Brer Rabbit as he outwits Brer Fox and Brear Bear. No water flume ride is complete without a steep descent, and Splash Mountain gives you just that at the end with a five-story drop into a briar patch.

Incredible Hulk Coaster (Islands of Adventure)

Located in the Marvel Super Hero Island (where else) in this park, The Incredible Hulk is an inversion coaster that takes riders to a top speed of 67 mph through seven inversions. The twists and turns come quickly as you'll blast into 40 mph within two seconds. Reaching a height of 100 feet, including a 105-foot drop, you'll be terrified and thrilled during your two-minute ride.


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