Beijing Must-Visit Places & Hidden Cuisines

Beijing is considered the heart of China, which is why it is often the first choice for tourists. It has a long history, with a wealth of historical and cultural heritage, which presents the treasures of the city's civilizations. Beijing has served as the capital for more than 800 years. There are countless tourist attractions in Beijing that are well worth a visit. However, if this is your first time here, there are a few Beijing Must-Visit Places & Hidden Cuisines to keep in mind:

The Great Wall of china 

You can't go to Beijing and miss the Great Wall of China, which was built during the Ming Dynasty. This wall is divided into sections and is the most popular part of Badaling. The city is known for its military facilities, culture, and deeply rooted views. However, if you prefer a quieter part of the wall, you should visit the amazing wall Mutianyu, which is quite rudimentary, but very beautiful.

Tiananmen Square

In the center of Beijing is Tiananmen Square, with its Tiananmen Tower, People's Heroes Monument, Great Hall of the People, and Mao Zedong Monument. The tower was built in 1417 during the Ming Dynasty and was intended as an entrance to the Forbidden City, which was originally used for ceremonial ceremonies. This monument has sculptures that show people and how they evolved, and the white marble creates a sense of respect and a sense of calm. There is also a large hall in Tiananmen Square, which is used for diplomatic and political activities. Again, it is completely decorated with white marble and crystal lamps and has a banquet hall with 5,000 seats.

Forbidden City

Each Beijing tour is incomplete without visiting the Forbidden City. This imperial palace is the best preserved in China and is a treasure trove of Chinese historical and cultural monuments. It is also the largest historical palace in the world and is the culmination of architectural success for traditional China. The palace is home to 24 emperors during the Qing and Ming dynasties. Most tourists enter the city through Tiananmen (the gate to heaven). According to tradition, the emperor was considered the son of paradise, who made this palace divine and forbidden to ordinary people, hence the name.

Beijing Zoo

If you are visiting Beijing with your family, the Beijing Zoo should definitely be considered a part of your travel destination. It is the largest zoo in all of China, with the largest number of animal species, including pandas, gorillas, elephants, as well as sharks and dolphins living in the center of marine life. This zoo is located in a beautiful setting of the Chinese Garden and was called Wansheng Garden (10,000 zoos) during the Qing Dynasty. The highlight for most visitors is the giant panda, originally from China, known both as a national symbol and as one of its national treasures. Beijing Ocean Hall is an example of the natural living conditions of the ocean that make you feel like the bottom of the ocean. You will also be entertained by the pleasant display of marine animals.

Water cube

The National Aquatic Center, known as the Water Cube, was the main kindergarten for the 2008 Olympic Games, which quickly became a premier structure during the world event. Interestingly, the way the soap bubbles accumulated in the 12-sided cell structure was the main motivation behind the design of the water cube. Your family will love the amusement park, an excellent escape from the summer heat. It is the largest and best in China, with lots of leisure facilities such as surf cars, speed skating, and water rings. The water temperature is regulated in summer and winter. For more comfort, you can find several cafes and leisure centers in the water park.

National Center for the Performing Arts

This place is in the heart of Beijing and its neighbors in Tiananmen Square. The main structure has a unique shell shape that looks like a floating egg. The exterior is a titanium glass dome, surrounded by an artificial lake. The center is designed to be easily recognizable. International and national opera takes place in the opera house, while some symphonic and national musical events take place in the music hall. You will also enjoy the plays and performances that take place in the theater

Famous Beijing cuisines

Beijing, a city is known worldwide for its excellent blend of culture and history. However, not all of these are fantastic destinations. If you do one of the great tours in Beijing, you will also discover some of the delicious goodies in this city. In this article, we take a look at some of the most iconic cuisines in Beijing.


Chinese hot pot

 This delicate dish is only cooked for 15 seconds, but do not be fooled, it is a fast-food regardless. The short cooking time allows the dish to retain more delicate flavors and store more vitamins. The hot pot continues its name in several ways, as the dish is usually seasoned with bell peppers.

Chinese Dumplings

These sweet and meaty dishes are made from a mixture of vegetables, spices, and meat. All this varies depending on the chef. This dish is usually associated with the Chinese New Year holidays, as it is a tradition that we eat the night before New Year's Eve and again on New Year's Eve. If you ask any of the locals what their favorite food is, Dumplings are most likely on their list.

Peking Court Cuisine

Another best cuisine is the food of the Peking Court Cuisine. As the name suggests, this meal includes foods that are traditionally eaten at the imperial court. Most ancient dynasties had their own royal kitchens, and this led to excellent food. Today's Peking Court Cuisine is strictly based on the instructions of the Qing royal kitchen.

Peking Roast Duck

Our last Chinese dish, without a doubt the most famous, is the Peking Roast Duck. This food is known as one of the most delicious foods that Beijing offers. With its sweet, rich, fleshy, and delicious sauce, it is a taste of taste. Where to eat: To enjoy Beijing's roast duck, you can visit the famous Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant or Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant.

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