Why Every Photographer should visit Jaipur at least once in a lifetime? - by Arv Jaipur

Jaipur. The word that brings up images of turban, terracotta coloured bazaars, forts & palaces.  Of all the places in Rajasthan, Jaipur is one of the places which leaves a very strong footprint in the minds of a visitor. It is both a visual as well as a sensory treat.

For photographers jaipur is a goldmine. This is why I feel every photographer should visit Jaipur at least once in his lifetime.
  1. Heritage. Jaipur has a long list of heritage buildings and monuments to capture. Some of these are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Buildings like Hawa Mahal is one of its kind. Most of these monuments have been maintained very well and makes for a good photography subject.

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Life. Photographers who love clicking life and people on the move will be in for a treat in the old bazaars of Jaipur. There are enough subjects from dawn to dusk. The bazaars are always buzzing with life. 

Portraits.If you love clicking portraits Jaipur is the right place. You will find variety of people and settings to choose from.

Stories & Events. Jaipur is a great place to capture stories and events. The city celebrates every festival with zest and fervour. There is a rich cultural legacy. It is not hard to find subjects in Jaipur.

Nature and Landscape. Although the city is fast turning into a concrete jungle even then there are opportunities for good landscape photography in and around city.

Things every photographer visiting  Jaipur should keep in mind.
  • The best weather for photography in Jaipur is October to February. That's when you'll  find deep blue sky in your pictures.
  • Avoid long/extended weekends as the tourist inflow goes up by 2 to 4 times. Traffic jams are common in bazaars during such times. It is also not a good idea to visit tourist attractions.
  • Monsoon is an excellent time to visit Jaipur as well. Overcast grey sky & heritage structures with wet surface lend pictures an exotic look.
  • If you want to click life best place to do so in Jaipur is Johari Bazar.
  • If you love clicking culture and traditions, you should not miss Gangaur and Teej celebrations. Both these festivals are celebrated with a public procession through old bazaars. Don't miss this. There is a tremendous energy built around traditional festivals like Diwali, Makar Sakranti and Holi. These make for a great photo opportunity as well.
  • Most monuments don't charge for camera. Do note making videos or carrying professional equipment can attract extra charges.
  • Do time your visit WRT sunlight. There are specific times when certain monuments look better because of sunlight. Jal Mahal & Nahargarh Fort are best around sunset and Hawa Mahal just after the  sunrise.

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