Delhi Photography Club is proud to present their sixth edition of  “Nicefoto” exhibition Yes it’s a Six,  the one of its kind exhibition for celebrating amateur photography across the world. This year the exhibition will be bigger, better and yes more vibrant and more colorful. This year Nicefoto 2016 will feature photos from over 103 enthusiasts aged between 08 years and 75 years from India and around the world. Enthusiasts from as far as China, Australia, alexandria, croatia, Singapore, USA and Dubai too have sent in their photographs for the contest but this year only images of indian photographers got selected. Yes the competition was very tough!

The photographs selected for this exhibit represents a sampling of the vibrant views —of the enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Selected photos from exhibits will travel overseas to international exhibitions, honoring amateur photographers at the cost of Delhi Photography Club, thus creating a global platform for photography enthusiasts.

This exhibition is a unique platform prepared for enthusiasts to showcase their photographs as an expression of fun and joy. Participating in the exhibition is a high point for amateur photographers since they can't afford to organize a solo exhibition for themselves for various reasons.
Delhi Photography Club is a novel initiative to encourage photography enthusiast in understanding techniques, identifying opportunities by providing openness & motivation to learn photography in most exciting ways.

Background : Why Photography  

In the developing economies where people have just moved out of there day to day chores and have some spare income to spend on themselves they tend to take up something which helps them in improving the quality of life so they they get inclined towards the any form of art be it photography , Art , Painting & sculpture or anything from the domain. But here photography is the most superior form as it is done through a complex equipment and apparatus called camera. With camera one can click pictures, freeze time, and capture life .
Apart from the casual shutter clicking camera is important as all the pictures as evidence of the history.

With the change in time photography has became a medium to showcase one’s lifestyle and day today activities. With the onset of Facebook and social media platforms, photography has become more relevant as they are platforms to publish your content and it creates a pseudo celebrity out of your personality.

People and photography

In the fast moving world where time is very important and fast moving preferences in allocation of time, Either we are worried about our past or planning for the future we forget to live our present , Photography is something which helps you to live in the present and allows you to be yourself.

About Delhi Photography Club

Delhi Photography Club was setup with the intent of taking photography homes. The purpose of the DPC is to stimulate, enable, and nurture a fraternity of photography enthusiasts for mutual benefit.

Due to fast changing internet and mobile devices space, many more people are consuming photos. We want people to store their memories more beautifully. The club is perhaps the first initiative of this kind in the entire country.

To offer situations to practice photography, we do free photo walks every month. For learning the technique, we have workshops for various levels (beginner and intermediate), for motivation, we offer memberships and finally for platform, we have these exhibitions. The club also helps the underserved children to express themselves creatively through its outreach activities.

As a club, we have brought together businessmen, diplomats, doctors, lawyers, homemakers, students and children   and helped them in their creative expression using a camera.

Details are as follows:

Event                       :    Nicefoto Exhibition – a celebration of amateur   Photography
Venue                       :    Open Palm Court, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
Inauguration       :     21st Oct 2016
Date                      :    Oct 21rstto Oct 24th 2016

Time                     :    11 am – 7 pm daily

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