PRISMA proves it again that ' A FOOL with a TOOL always remains a FOOL'

Its very interesting to see how different kinds of apps are being launched and getting popular. PRISMA is one such app which comes with power and interesting results. But there is a fundamental requirement to use any such tool. Understanding a tool and how it can be used for desired results is important. So in case of PRISMA, its important to understand that all effects would not look good on all kinds of photographs.

So its important to know what kind of photographs you want to process with this app and which particular effect would look good at what %age. Knowing a tool and then using it saves lot of your time in longer run and give better results. Blinding playing with an app with inappropriate content can only lead to waste of time or bad/not-so-good results. And the situation hardly improves.

Let me share some examples and I am sure that you would be able to relate to some of these. Do you find all portraits good, which are processed with PRISMA? I see lot of profile pics being changed and I see 2 main problems – selected portrait doesn’t look good with applied effect or doesn’t go well with personality of the person. It may sound very vague, but just go again and check such photographs. Have you seen faces cut into different parts and with bad shadows? 

And this doesn’t limit to PRISMA, but tools like Photoshop and Lightroom as well. Understanding these tools and then knowing the ways to fulfill your needs is important. 

Are you wondering what made me write this post? One day I frustrated by seeing lot of badly processed photographs on Facebook. At some places, people changed their profile pics with some really bad ones, where is was difficult to recognize the person. And saw some folks showing randomness on the name of art. I am sure you would have more examples to share with us :)

I came across an article which says that PRISMA creates art out of photographs. I don’t want to get into discussion that not everyone can appreciate every kind of art-piece. But the bottom-line is that one should be happy with the results and should be aware what she wanted to achieve. When started writing about this article, I had lot of thoughts in my mind but then I realized that there was some sort of bias and there can still be some bias. But let me share that I use Prisma and I have spent lot of time but couldn’t achieve what I thought was worth sharing. Hope to spend more time with the app, learn it well and share on my Instagram.

There is huge scope to explore your creativity with this app or many others like this. I am yet to try it with my travel photographs. Let me try and share soon. 

So it's not a tool that creates an art but it's your own creativity, please explore that first and then find best tool/filter to match your style/need. I would like to hear your thoughts of PRISMA app and others similar to it. 


Anonymous said…
Personally, I find so many apps are not needed. People just keep moving from one fad to the other. Anyway, to each his/her own.
Ami said…
Your last few sentences is what I concur with.... :D
Anonymous said…
Very well put. Its applicable to any kind of tool, machine or software. Human intelligence and creativity is makes these things worth and useful.
Pixelvoyages - That's a personal opinion I would say. Some apps may be required by you but not so useful for me and there is no harm playing with apps to find if it's orth your time.
Ami - I know we had similar discussion when we met in Mumbai. This post was in my mind for a long time and happy that I did it last week.

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