Indian Bloggers to follow on Instagram for Travel Inspirations

Today I thought of sharing some Instagram profiles of Bloggers who inspire the world to travel and explore various parts of the globe in interesting ways. Each of these have different styles of sharing about their Journeys. Some profiles are purely about Travel and some shares other aspects of life as well. So check out and see what aligns with your interests. Don't forget to put a comment, if you want to recomend anything to make this list more useful.

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My thirst for adventure, food and culture took me to Kerala where I spent more than nine months. 🌴I explored the coffee plantations, tasted finger-licking food and witnessed one my favourite dance forms – Theyyam. Each region of Kerala has its own unique dance form and I could spend a lifetime knowing about all of them. After spending few months to understand ‘Theyyam’, I realised that this art form runs really deep. North Kerala (Malabar) is known for some of the unique and colourful dance forms like Theyyam and Kalaripayattu. Theyyam is a sacred ritual that is performed to worship the Hindu Goddess ‘Kali’. 👱Theyyam performance includes a mix of dance and mime over music with depiction of ancient folk tales that enshrine the rudiments of tribal culture. It is a way of reciting stories of the Gods and celestial spirits from Kerala. Theyyam is based on the belief that immortal spirits enter into mortal bodies to perform a ritual dance in front of the shrines for the well-being of the society and the family.👥 I spent my solo trip to Kannur watching Theyyam at various time.You can hold a local person and ask him for the information on time and places ..
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I always wanted to go to planet Mars and I am so glad it happened in my lifetime. I will not forget this in a long long time. My best experience in Jordan so far. This video just has a glimpse of what I saw. The view from my #SoulWindow is Masha Allah 👍 "जब कहीं पे कुछ नही भी नही था। वही था, वही था। वही था, वही था। वो जो तुझमें समाया, वो जो मुझमे समाया। मौला वही वही माया....." Video by @stuti of @thebrownscooter Follow my Rockstar theme trip at my own hashtag #JanardanJordan and common hashtag #MusafirDilJordan on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. Handle for all three is @asoulwindow #Amman #Jerash #Jordan #VisitJordan #GoJordan #ShareYourJordan #Petra #WadiRum #Amman #DeadSea #LittlePetra #WadiMusa #LiveLoveJordan #TheTreasury #VisitJo #Bedouin #LoveJO #JordanExplorers #StraightFromJO #TasteOfJordan #Travel #Travelgram #IGTravel #Traveling #Travelling #Travelingram #Beach
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My current workstation in the mountains! Sipping fresh Ayurvedic chai in the chilly weather, a bird sings nearby, water makes a gurgling sound, a hippie plays his flute, villagers sow maize and potatoes in the fields, clouds create mesmerising patterns on the mountain tops, someone brings us wild mushrooms to be cooked for dinner. How nature intended us to be. Exactly the opposite of life in the city. Today - Kalga village, Parvati Valley. #Huffpostgram #incredibleindia #everydayasia #everydayindia #Himachal #nature #travel #wanderlust #picoftheday #bestoftheday #photooftheday #lovetheworld #shareyournature #enjoythenatural #Himalayas #travelstoke #traveldudes #ig_countryside #lonelyplanetindia #indiapictures #storiesofindia #mountains #yahootravelexplorers #Himachalpictures #instaHimachal #hippieinhills #indiaclicks #_soi
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And if you want, you can also follow me :)


D.Nambiar said…
That's a great list; I follow a few of them and they have awesome galleries.
And instagram is really good place for travel ideas.
rupam sarma said…
Great, All my favorite.
Nisha said…
Thanks for including me in the list.

Any idea why few of these pics have 'views & comments' while most of others have 'likes & comments' ?

Are these pics promoted?
Hi Nisha, Views are shown for videos.
Mridula said…
Thank you so much for the mention VJ!

D. Nambiar - Thanks and I know some of the bloggers are doing great job in engaging with followers on Instagram. These are some of the inspiring profiles to follow.

Mridula - That's my pleasure. You inspire a lot of travellers !
Unknown said…
Hehehe I am following you and most of them Mentioned here ! Divsi, Shubham,Swati from Talesoftraveler are one of the best Bloggers on Instagram !

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