Indian Bazars - Colors, Crowd, Negotiations and lot more

It's been more than 7 months that I touched a DSLR camera. My mobile camera has been doing a great job at capturing some of the events I observed in recent past. Most of the photographs in this Photo Journey are clicked in evening vegetable market around Wave City Centre.  

Usually I visit this market to get veggies and fruits. And hardly click any photographs. Recently I had a google hangout session with friend in US and I was little tired after coming back from market. He asked me to click some photographs and share what happens in this market. 

Primarily these markets are for selling vegetables, but lot other vendors can be seen selling spices, crockery and other daily use stuff. 

Usually you find fresh vegetables in these market and that's why people prefer to visit this weekly markets to buy fresh veggies. It's cost effective as well. So most of the times, we buy vegetables for 4-5 days and pack our fridge. 

Even when prices are low, people love to bargain further. E.g. - Seller says Onion for 20Rs per kg. Buyers would try to negotiate to buy 2kg for 30 rs or less. As the time progresses, negotiation power of buyers increases. 

Most of the sellers in these markets don't have shops. Usually they collaborate with a vehicle, who helps them move the material to be sold. These markets are planned in different parts of the city on different days of the week. E.g. - On sunday, this market is planned near Wave City Centre in Noida. 

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