Home Made Pizza - Really yummy stuff by Saroj Poonia

Three holidays due to Rakshabandhan and Independence Day... Lovely weather in Chandigarh and friends gathering in Mohali !!! Best time to try something different and why not Pizza... Hmm.. But should we order or try ourselves? All these situations ended with a final call of making Pizza at Home... Saroj took the lead and she really did an exceptional job !!! Check out this Photo Journey with some experiences of this process of Pizza Making at Home !!!

So raw stuff like Pizza base, cheeze, capsicum, tomatos, onion, mashrooms, souce etc. was arranged very quickly... Most of the stuff was available at Naresh's place and some other things were picked from Amrit Confectioneries, Mohali !!! But we had no idea about the kind of souce used in Pizza making or you can say that we missed it completely... But a problem, Saroj quickly went through different cooking blogs and read about process of Pizza making and also checked about ways to create sauce to put on Pizza base...

So process started with preparing toppings and make appropriate sauce...  Saroj and Naresh did this brilliantly !!! When stuff was ready time was to unpack Pizza base and Cheese... First of all, some butter was applied on Pizza base and they did something in Microwave :) ... I will ask Saroj to add specific details later  :)

After this, home made yummy sauce was applied on the base with lots of delicious toppings !!! After this, one round of microwave again... I don't know settings and timings used... And then Cheese pieces were spread over the whole stuff... Again time to move towards Microwave..

Finally pizza is ready and all of us were just waiting for a bite to see the improvements which can be done for next Pizza-Base and other raw stuff... But surprisingly, first attempt was amazing and there was only one improvement to make... Pizza base could have been cooked separately to have it in perfect way and that was improved upon in next session !!!

Time to slice and in few seconds our plate was empty... Now, everyone wanted the next one quickly and it needs time to prepare the next one.. But overall, it was a lovely experience with yummy Pizza at home... I am very sure that Naresh and Saroj will hardly order pizza now :)

Finally BIG thanks to Saroj and Naresh for wonderful holiday time at Chandigarh !!!

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