First Annual Indian Comic Con at DILLI HAAT, New Delhi : Feb 19-20, 2011

Comic con has been a grand event for comic enthusiasts in various parts of United States of America and now a new event in India has increased the count of total comic cons across the world !!! This Year, India hosted first Comic Con at Dilli Haat, New Delhi !!! There are huge enthusiasm among Indians.. be it children, youngsters or senior folks.. Check out these Photographs to have a virtual tour of Indian Comic Con on second day (20th Feb, 2011) !!!

Main poster of First Indian Comic Con Event which happened in Delhi last month and it was used as background for main area where many events happened and folks from this industry presented some innovative stuff or talks !!

Another poster of First Annual Indian Comic Con at Dilli Haat !!! As this hoarding is saying, there were lot of prizes for folks who came there in various dress-ups to look like any comic Character.. Comic characters like Chacha Chowdhary, Wolverine, Lord Krishna, Spiderman,Zombie, Kalki, Crime Master Gogo, Batman, Harley Quinn etc... These were few comic Charcters which I saw during second day and rain spoiled i during the evening :( .... But never mind, it was good to see this kind of event in India and it would be great if they can organize it in various cities of India because there are lot of comic fans spread over the country !!!

Here comes Mr. Chaitanya Vats who was one of the popular person in Indian Comic Con.. He is acting as Wolverine !!! and everybody wanted to have a photograph with him !!! Good work Dude !

Vikas looks tired but its sadness because of rains.. It rained around 4:00 pm and the event was in open area.. So everyone dispersed and went under various stalls installed by different comic publishers... Vikas and Anu had great time at Comic Con and enjoyed nice snacks in Dilli Haat !!! but surprisingly no shopping :)

Here comes Mr. Andy Dodd as Chacha chowdhary which was most famous comic character of my times.. In my childhood m friends used to read lot of his comics and the other one was Naagraj I guess :) Most of them used to buy these comics, read them in classroom and exchange with each other...

Lord Krishna giving interview to some TV channel and zombie came to disturb him.. And Lord Krishna trying to request for SHANTI and zombie didn't know who is SHANTI & where to find her !!! Finally Lord Krishna was able to negotiate with Zombie both of them were talking to media folks about First Indian Comic  Con in delhi & overall experience of this event !!!

How come Zombie is calmly replying to Krikhna's questions? The commendable thing about both of these folks was the effort they had put to get prepared for Comic Con.. Make-up done by Zombie was unique and it must have taken lot of time to get ready for final day of the event !!!

Many of the youngsters were really fan of zombie.. He was the one who was doing real acting.. be is walking, talking or giving weird expressions :) Children were really scared of him .. They liked him but didn't want to go closer to him to get a photograph.. Yes, getting clicked with these characters was most popular activity of this whole event.. I think many of the visitors were more interested in getting a photographs rather than anything else...

There were lot of cute babies roaming around with colorful dress-ups.. This shy boy was here as Spiderman :)

Kalki - That's the name of this character and I was wondering how can he stand like this in winters and rains must have made it more difficult for him.. Great work dude !!!

He was just standing inside a comic stall and not that involved with the visitors of Indian Comic Con event.. Other characters were just roaming around the place to entertain folks by their expressions or by other means ...

Batman and Harley Quinn : Rajat and Monika !!! Monika was the only girl I saw on second day... Actually I was at wrong time of the day when rain was about to start .. I had seen few more girls but couldn't catch them.. This group of Batman, Harley Quinn, Crie Master Gogo and Wolverine was most energetic group out there.. I am not sure who won the prize but for me this group rocked the show !!! 

Again the same group giving different expressions !!! Great show Guys !

Rocking group of folks as various characters if Comic Con India at Dilli Haat !!!

TRP Stunts :) which are very important these days !!!

Harley Quinn looking at the digicam ... I liked her shoes btw :)

Here comes our little Comic characters and visitor getting photographs with these celebrities of the day !!!

There were a lot Cartoon Artists who were conducting workshops for children and many Animation academies were sharing some information about new softwares along with animation courses they offer...

Lord Krishna also got a Bansuri and silently playing it !!!

Anu didn't want any pic but Vikas managed to convince her for the first try .. and now on it was easy :)

Thanks for the nice pose :) "Hare Krihsna !!!"

Vikas and Anu with Lord Krishna.. Vikas is still confused about smiling :)

A little girl looking at various comic Charcters standing on the stage and trying to guess their names, I guess .... It seems, she has bought few comics from the show and of course it was a good place to find out best options !! Many Comic Publishers were present at the event and some of them were offering decent discounts as well !!

After heavy rain, folks started moving towards home to have a cup of tea with some pakoras !!!

After rains folks had to figure out the places to hide themselves and the main hoarding of Comic is down  now and helping the visitors to hide under it.. Good idea guys and thankfully it was the evening of last day of First Indian Comic Con !!!

Waiting for Comic Con 2012 Now !!!


Anonymous said…
Oh how I liked it! :)
Halflifept said…
great post..great pictures! absolutely loved them! cant believe i missed this event!
Hey! btw, r u a professional photographer? or u just like to click??
@ Halflifept : Thanks for appreciative words :) ... since you know now, don't miss it next year !!!

@ Defiant Princess : Plan for next year !

@ Restless... : As of now, I am not :)
Nandita Prakash said…
funny show & nice captures
i could see the whole show thru ur static lens
Yes Nandita !

It was interesting show..
Unknown said…
aah... nice... was there on the second day myself... luckily packed up before the rains... found the crowd too scattered for any pics...
Seo greece said…
Nice shots and i like these pictures.

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