Landmarks of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

First post.
Or at least for me, on the "Photo Journey" blog. Thanks to Vijay, for inviting me over as a guest blogger. Hope folks like these pictures.

For this post, I wanted to share some photos from our trip over to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Starting off with the most famous landmark of the city, the Petronas Towers at night.

About 13km outside of Kuala Lampur, are the Batu Caves. These are natural limestone caves that contain a Hindu temple. A 140ft image of Lord Murugan stands at the front of the temple.

The temple is located in a cave at the top of the hill, reachable by 272 steps. At the bottom of the stairs is a colorful courtyard.

Halfway up the stairs, is a great view of the city in the distance, behind the massive golden statue.

At the top of the stairs are the caves. A number of huge limestone caves, and embedded are the various shrines. The caves themselves are surprisingly cool and moist, with a cool breeze blowing. A direct contrast to the equatorial sun burning outside.

This is a closeup of one of the colorful shrines, with its polished, reflective floors.

Next on the itinerary, was one of the tallest structures in Kuala Lampur - Menara Tower. Standing about 421 meters, the tower is second only to the Petronas, and features a spectacular view of the city.

Once you reach the viewing deck, the most dominant view is the Petronas tower. This is a closeup shot of the two towers with the distant hills that surround the city.

The next shot is a wider view, showing the both the towers along with a view of the city.

The next step was of course to head to the main attraction itself. The Petronas Towers. The first photograph is a view of the observation tower that connects the two towers, while acting as an observation deck.

The last photograph from this set is a view of the metal structure, that wraps around the Petronas Towers, giving it that distinct brushed metal look.

That's it for now. Hope you like the photographs. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. For more feel free to head over to my blog.

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