BEAS RIVER NEAR SUJANPUR: Travelling-Camera sharing some colorul captures of Beas River @ Sujanpur, Himachal Pradesh : PART-3 : Mandi >> Hamirpur >> Sujanpur >> Palampur >> Dharmshala >> Palampur >> Baijnath >> Biling >> Jogindernagar

Here is the next series of Photographs from Road Journey in Himachal Pradesh. Check out PART-1 and PART-2 of this journey, before proceeding further...


Here I am going to share some Photographs of Beas river which flows through Sujanpur and moves towards Punjab... All these photographs have been shot from bridge over Beas near Sujanpur-Tira...

Tira Sujanpur-Tira is located on the bank of River Beas. It is a beautiful town inhabited by Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch who was the king of Kangra and later shifted from Kangra to Sujanpur-Tira after the war with Muslim kings who wanted to capture Kangra fort. Maharaja Sansar Chand constructed his palaces, temples and courts on the peak of hill called Tira, hence the name of the town is Sujanpur-Tira. In the middle of this beautiful town there is one square kilometer green ground popularly called in Pahri language 'Chaougan' (which remains green throughout the year). Now part of the ground is occupied by the Sanik School. The ground is a meeting place for most of the town people, ladies, men's, children for evening walk and for playing all types of games. Most famous Holi fair also takes place on this ground which lasts almost 2–3 weeks during the month of March.

A view of Beas River from one end of Sujanpur Twon... 

The Beas River is the second easternmost of the rivers of the Punjab, a tributary of Indus River. The river rises in the Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh, India, and flows for some 480 km to the Sutlej River in South Punjab of India.


"Ghrat" - A local word which describes a place where wheat is converted into flour using a machine which is run using power of water-flow of the river..

Bridge over Beas river, near Sujanpur-Tira...

The present name Beas is thought to be a corruption of the older name and original name Vipasha in Sanskrit. The river got this name, Vi-pasha, the one who removed the bondage or pasha in Sanskrit), according to a ancient texts, the river was named after sage Vasistha. Vasistha, tried to end his life due to the death of his 100 sons, by jumping into this river and tying himself. But as soon as the sage fell into the river, all the knots got untied and he did not die. The river is also referred to as Vipasha in Himachal, especially by the scholars...

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kamlesh sharma said…
That was not gharat but small hut made by a sadhu to meditate .
Hi Kamlesh,

Thanks for correcting !!!

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